Battle Ships


On 3rd April 2019, I had laparoscopic keyhole surgery to remove endometriosis adhesions & scar tissue from my internal organs, polyps from my uterus and cysts from my ovaries.

I was last on the list to go down for surgery that morning and I waited five hours.  That was okay though because compared to others, my surgery isn’t life-threatening, I could have much worse conditions.  At the exact time, I was in the hospital waiting for my own surgery, my sisters mother in law was in a London hospital having her liver taken out of body and a possible tumour being removed, an operation that would take over six hours.  On the other side of the world, one of my best friends was in a Cambodian hospital attached to a drip after contracting Dangee Fever (from the Yellow Fever family) and her platelets were dropping so low she might need a blood transfusion…so my case really was pretty low down the pile of surgeries and illness for that week.

The waiting was the hardest part though and I asked my spirit team to give me some superpower strength on the walk down to theatre, which they did.

The anaesthetist was a lovely, funny man who looked like he had comedy teeth in but they suited him and made him endearing.  He joked that he had trouble getting the cannula into every patient he had that morning.  When he had trouble with my right wrist, I realised he was being serious.  It hurt like hell and continued too, he kept going back to it and decided he didn’t trust it to work properly (interesting choice of words before a general anaesthetic is administered but I still trusted him completely!).

“I’m going to do it in the other wrist” were the words I heard but chose to block out.  Cannula administration has followed a similar pattern all my life…it doesn’t go very well.  He bent my wrist forward after tapping very hard on the vein and getting the nurse to squeeze my forearm.

“I don’t think we are having much luck today” he mumbles…then puts the needle in and the pain I have and his sorry eyes tell me we have to try again.

I lie back, close my eyes and call on my angels.  I take some very deep breaths and repeat in my head “please let this work, please let this work” and a quick scratch later he is all smiles “you did that!  That wasn’t me…what did you do?  Well done! Now in 30 seconds, you will be asleep”….30, 29, 28, 27………

When I come round in the recovery ward I am aware of three things.  A pain in my stomach, a kind voice asking me how bad the pain is, and a spirit touching my face.

“Scale from 1 to 10 with 10 being the worst?”


Click, he releases pain killer directly into my iv line and it feels like liquid gold…and I feel my Nan by my side.

After I am wheeled into my room and after the nurse has taken my blood pressure and left me, I’m aware of my uncle standing in the corner of my room.  I fall asleep and I’m woken by the feeling of spirit around my tummy…my grandad has come in this time too.  Every now and then I see a flash of blue light…..that will be Blue my guide.  Blimey, they are all making an appearance today.

My husband and my little girl come in to see me.  I’m still hazy and out of it, they tell me they are going down to the restaurant for dinner whilst I sleep some more.

As I drift into a delicious semi-conscious post anaesthetic sleep, I suddenly find myself floating in the hospital restaurant.  I appear to be having some weird out of body experience which feels very lucid in this dream state.

I can see my husband and little girl at their table and I can see my little girl has his mobile phone in her hands, she is laughing as she plays “Battle Ships” on an App on his phone.  She hasn’t played Battle Ships in well over 6 months, we haven’t spoken about it in a long time, it’s not something she would just pick up and play.

When they both return to my bed after dinner, my little girl runs up to me.

“We had dinner mummy!” she says enthusiastically.

“I know what you were doing, I could see you,” I told her as I came round.

“Did you see me playing Battle Ships?” she asked, with a surprised look on her little face.

“I sure did,” I said, as my husband rolled his eyes behind her……………

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