A Missed Message

A Missed Message

Spirit know what is coming up along our human timeline, how they do this is still a mystery to me but I can only feel that it is something to do with the fact that time here on the Earth plane, on the human consciousness level follows a linear pattern and is cyclic, so we measure it with scientific laws that do make sense, one Earth revolution around the sun for a year as our green and blue globe spins every twenty-four hours on its axis.

In the Astral, time is made up of moments, think of the energy that way, energy is everywhere, everything, it’s fluid, you can’t destroy it, so think of the time that way, backward, forwards, everywhere.

I have been given predictions in the past from spirit, the date of my grandads passing, who had a welcome party waiting for him, I was given a heads up.  The thing with the predictions is that sometimes they are forewarnings and my frustration is that I never really get the entire picture, I feel this is because a connection can be hard to establish, it happens best for me whilst I dream.

On Sunday of last week, I had a dream about my grandad, Frank.  He was standing in my mums living room and he handed me a brown paper package.  It was quite bulky and I had to hold it in with two hands.

“You have to take that to Becton, you have to give it to the boy!” he said, very clearly.

I looked at the package and thought about Becton, without knowing where this place was, I had an inkling it was quite a drive away.

“Well, it’s a bit out of my way grandad?” I said, politely.

“Please, you must get this message to the boy!!  Take it to Becton, take the package to Becton!” he had an urgency in his voice which made me take note.  I looked down at the package in my hands, turned it over and then decided to look inside………..then of course, I woke up in the psychical.

On Monday morning, I thought about that dream.  What was the message from grandad and where is, Becton?  I grabbed my phone and searched on Google maps.  Couldn’t find it.  Was I spelling it right?

I drove over to my mum’s house as I was popping in to see her that morning.  I told her about the dream.

“It’s either Bacton, Beckton, Buckham…….do you know this place?” I asked.

“Yes!! Bacton, its where your uncle Frank lives!” said, mum.

Wow.  Apparently, this is a little village just off the Norfolk coast.  It’s where my uncle lives, my grandad’s son.  I have never been there, didn’t even know that’s where he lived.

“Well he wanted to get a package or message to the boy, pretty urgently,” I said, thinking the “boy” could be uncle Frank or could be one of his sons, Simon or Jason.

We couldn’t fathom it and decided to leave it there, as one of my weird dreams.  I did tell my friend Emma and my husband as I wanted to put some weight on it, like it was significant somehow and perhaps would come apparent in time.

Turns out, that dream was significant.

Three days after I had the dream, I spoke to my mum who informed me that my cousin Jason (my uncle’s oldest son) had a very near miss and was almost killed on Wednesday. He has been working in the USA with his brother on a work project and he was in a cherry picker.  Interestingly the accident was caught on some kind of CCTV footage.  When my mum showed me the video, I couldn’t believe it.  He was in the bucket; it was moving along a field very slowly.  He looked perfectly safe until suddenly, it appeared to sink into the wet field and suddenly the entire cherry picker jolted, and he was literally, violently thrown from it across the field.  Through pure luck, I reckon his injuries were only superficial, like bruising and soreness.

The hairs went up on the back of my neck when I saw it.  My memory returned to my dream about grandad on the Sunday before the accident.  My grandad wanted to give me an urgent package, he was making reference to the “the boy” (which he would often call on of the boys when he was alive, in his East London accent), he made reference to the exact location that my uncle lived, therefore indicating to me exactly which boy or area of the family needed this package (otherwise I would have wondered if he meant another boy in the family not directly connected to my uncle).  But I never got to open that package.

What was in the package?  It was big and bulky……….a harness perhaps?  If I had opened it and seen the harness I would have said “Mum I had a message for Uncle Frank, he is telling me I must give this harness to the boy, it’s urgent”…………………what do you think?

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2 thoughts on “A Missed Message”

  1. Great read, thanks for sharing. It is always interesting to me how we are given a heads up about some things and not others. Either way, it reinforces for me that part of our path is already predetermined. What do you think about that?

    1. Thank you! Yes I do believe that it’s predestined but with a lot of free will thrown in with the ability to make our own choices. Bad choices will result in us not learning the lessons and having to repeat until we do. What do you think?

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