Does A Person Grow Up In Spirit?

I have always wondered what happens to an unborn child, baby or child when they cross over from this life into the next.  Or anyone really who passes on, do they stop growing at that point?  I do have a theory of what happens, based on my own understanding from my spirit guide Blue and from what I have experienced during my mediumship.

I believe that ever spirit is joined to their own higher self, their own energy powerhouse which is connected to the source (source of all that is, all that was and all that will be) and this is called the Soul.  Off the Soul are many strings of consciousness, many spirits living separate but simultaneous lives, on Earth as well as in other Universes.

You are living in this consciousness right now, your spirit is who you are at this moment in time but you are always connected to your Soul.  When you die, your consciousness will leave this vibration and enter into the Astral Realm, a consciousness that vibrates a lot faster than on Earth, you go back to the Astral which is a continuation of your spirit which will always be connected to your Soul and the Source.

When our spirit takes its human form here on Earth, we age in our physical body.  We also age as an individual, a person, a spirit.  That is our learning experience which our Soul wants us to have.  As we know, human beings die at any age during their human lifetime.  On Earth, as we age, we are restricted to a time sequence.  We have human measurements which are influenced by natural law to make our sequences, years, months, days, hours, minutes and seconds.  There is always a past, present, and future.  This makes sense in our physical body, it must do, the psychical body isn’t vibrating fast enough to be able to not have this time sequence to follow.

But when the physical body dies and the spirit is released, it has its energetic, ethereal body which particles are spinning at a much faster rate.  There is no time in a sequence.  What there is are a series of moments, of intensities of experiences, which can seem like they are going backward and forwards but are in fact always in the moment.  So, a spirit can be any age and can certainly “grow up” once it is back on home ground.

I want to share with you a recent experience that helps to affirm my belief in this:

I was practicing Reiki Healing on a new client and I had my hands over her eyes and was enjoying the beautiful healing energy.  As I looked down at her face, I suddenly became aware that she looked remarkably like my older sister.  It was uncanny like my mind was playing a trick on me as I felt like it was my sister laying there in front of me.  As I was thinking this, I suddenly felt the sister love you get for a sibling.  I knew then that a spirit was present and trying to make an impression on my feelings, I knew that this lady had lost a sibling.

Just as I thought that there was a man standing close by, smiling at both me and his sister.  He told me he was 34 years old. Then just like that, he vanished.

After the treatment, as my client was drinking her water, I decided to broach the subject. She was a new client and I wasn’t sure how she would receive this type of information!

I asked her if she lost a sibling, a brother around mid-thirties?  She said no she hadn’t, could it be someone else?  I shook my head as I was convinced this was a sibling connection. As I thought about it, suddenly her face changed, and her eyes filled up with water.

“My mum lost a baby, a boy, between me and my oldest sister being born,” she said, as the realisation hit her.

“How old would he have been now?” I asked, astonished.

“About 34,” she said.

So there you have it, that was my evidence that spirit does, in fact, grow up on the other side. I think that’s pretty wonderful!

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  1. loved this tanya , i find what you write so interesting , keep up the good work ,
    jane xx

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