I recently spent a lovely Sunday mulling around Covent Garden with my girl tribe (fellow spiritual mediums, cavern of witches, not normal and highly interesting weirdos – basically we all get each other) going from Spiritual Shop to Spiritual Shop, buying crystals, tarot cards, sage smudges, dream catchers and just about anything else we could get our hands-on, it was total bliss.

After lunch, my friend Emma suggested we try out the old lady who has a tarot stall on Covent Garden market, she has been there for like – EVER and she is older than time itself.  She will pull you a couple of cards for a couple of quid……as a fellow tarot reader myself, I decided I wanted to give this lady a go.

The line of people waiting for her was long (a good sign) and this gave me a chance to prepare myself.  Because this little lady’s energy scared the crap out of me.  She was about the size of my little finger but her aura didn’t match her size……pretty much chain smoking every time she got up to let the sitter shuffle the cards, she made no bones about telling people in the queue to back the hell off away from where she was sitting so that energies did not mix.

When it was my turn, I told her that I wanted a full reading for £20, in my opinion, a good reading is deserving of that kind of money, even if it lasts 15 minutes.

She gave me the cards to shuffle and I felt slightly sick as I did, they felt disgusting, I made a mental note to wash my hands immediately after touching those cards, all the tourists that had handled them that day, not to mention the years gone by was pretty grim to say the least.

“Who is John?” she barked at me, as I looked at every line on her old and wrinkly face, each indentation a crevice full of her rich history, she had been doing this job a long, long time.

“I have no idea, but he comes up all the time, mediums are always telling me about John, but I don’t have a grandad or an uncle or a friend or anyone called John, so the mystery remains”.

She let the name go until after my reading (which was pretty good to be fair – not the best, but not the worst either).

After I sat down on some steps to wait for my friend to have her reading, the old lady got up and walked up to me.  I felt very nervous all the sudden, what was she doing?  I hadn’t seen her do this to anyone else……..

“They told me that John is your guide.  Apparently, it’s obvious, so there you go, take that, he is your guide” and with that, she was gone and went back to my friend sitting patiently waiting for her.

Hmmmm…..John? I thought Blue was my guide?  He is the one that I’ve seen a couple of times in my dreams and the one that a medium validated for me years later, I see the blue energy light in my aura when I close my eyes and other intuitives have seen this blue light around me too……I wasn’t sure about this John but decided to take it anyway, perhaps he was a different type of guide.  Maybe I needed some more validation?  I asked for it from him, in my head, then continued on with my day.

The next day, on Monday, I was sitting in my living room when my little girl, who is seven, shouted out to me: “Mum, what’s our postman called?”.

How random, I thought.  What made her ask that?  It was after school, she was sitting there colouring in……why did she want to know his name?

“It’s John” I shouted back.  “John the messenger!” she shouted back.  Oh my god……

I quickly googled “John The Baptist” (the only John that I and my friend Helen could think of that had a spritual connection and was, well, dead).  This is what I found, apparently John the Baptist is an ascended master:

He works on the blue light energy ray, focusing on meditation.  He is here to help us align our divine mind, sacred heart, and soul – for it is aligning these three that welcome into balance for meditation.

Is my spirit team trying to tell me that I really need to take meditation seriously now?  I have a feeling that they are………………I keep getting hints, let’s put it that way.  So now I have decided that it’s time to start practicing what I preach and putting things into action.  Watch this space!

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Author: Tanya

I am a working Medium, Psychic Tarot Reader, Coach & Holistic Therapist. My passion is developing my spiritual experiences and most of all, sitting with people and contacting their loved ones who have passed to spirit. Come on the journey with me!

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