Different Vibrations

I never like to dwell on negatives, but I do feel I need to talk about low vibrations.  I’ve written about this before however, another recent experience has made me focus on it once again.

So, here is where I explain about vibrations and energy, remember, I am no scientist, but I do know a thing or two about energy.  My theory is (this is also a scientific fact) that we are all energetic bodies being housed in a physical body.  As energy vibrates, it attracts other lines of energy like a magnet that is on the same frequency that the particular energy is moving on.

Because we are energy, we are vibrating.  When we meet other people, we can “feel” them.  Some of us are not always aware that we are even doing this, but you will understand the feeling of instantly liking or disliking another person from “hello”.

Have you ever gone to a certain part of town where you feel afraid because there are some “lower” energy vibrations around you or you go into a restaurant and it feels stuffy and stuck up, you don’t feel relaxed, it’s not your kind of place, your kind of vibe?

We each have our own unique frequency, and there is a broad range of other frequencies that our friends and (probably but not always) family vibrate on which falls within our channel.  I say channel because it’s a good analogy, like a radio channel.

But some people rub us up the wrong way, we “clash”, or there is “friction”.  We may be tuned in on a different frequency, this is why we feel our differences so acutely.

Since I have been working with energies and reading people’s energy as a living, it has vastly improved my skill on how to pick up what frequency someone (particularly strangers) is on.  I want to stress that this isn’t some ego trip, like “look at me and how high my vibe is” what it is, is about how I recognise almost instantly that the person sitting in front of me is certainly not on my wave-length or frequency, they are not even on the borders, they are very, very far away from my frequency.

I have only ever met these types of people during a tarot reading.  I think that is because, unfortunately, psychic readings can attract the desperate, obsessive and delusional.  This doesn’t happen often, but when it does, I always know.  Here are the key traits:

– an urgency to have a reading “now”.  On their terms, when they say.

– They normally state that they are gifted with psychic ability.

– They ask very specific life questions, huge life questions.  There is an unspoken expectation that you should know with precision what will happen in their life.

– they want a reading a few days after having been given one (which I never do, my rule is a 6-month wait).

– I always have a bad feeling when in their presence.  As soon as they sit down, I feel their vibration.  It’s like there is a darkness around them…. there is something behind their eyes that is fake.  I can see it though, it’s very rare that I would miss it.

– In almost every case, I get a horrible message a few weeks / months later from the person saying that nothing I said has come true and they want to know why.  They always show their true colours – every single time.

Now, when I give readings, I do stress something about predictions.  The first is that when reading the energy of the future, it can be hard, it hasn’t happened yet.  Past and present energy is much easier, because it’s happened, it’s already been there.  But future energy is much more fluid and is changeable.  The sitter can also change their destiny, that is the power of free will.  But most readings I give, I would say 9 out of 10, what I have predicted will come true, be it 12 or 2 years later.  The only ones that apparently do not come true are the ones on this different energy vibration.  I’m not sure why but I think it’s the universe trying to tell me something.  I think it’s saying, “don’t read for the person in the first place”.  As I say, I normally know from hello that this person is not a very nice human being.

This is the key emotions that the people I am talking about are vibrating on:  jealousy, hatred, self-obsession, insecurity and narcissism.  They are painfully unhappy.  They seek reassurance from the reading but in doing so are striving for the reader to take responsibility for their life.  If what the reader says doesn’t happen, they become angry and bitter and then sling vile insults to the reader.  Luckily, I don’t meet this person very often, but they are there, walking amongst us.

By having these experiences, it’s making me thicker skinned.  It’s not easy but you have to be bullet-proof in this line of work, to protect yourself from the lower energies that want to feed off your high vibes.

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