Les Sent His Gift!

Wow!  Just wow……I love it when magic happens…..but it’s not magic, it’s just communication.  It’s just someone saying, “I’m going to get you a gift soon” and then they go get it, because that person isn’t really as dead as we think.  Who and what am I rambling on about?  I’m talking about Les, my good friend’s dad who died over twenty years ago.  If you are a regular follower of my blogs, you would have read this recent blog, posted on my website, three weeks ago: Conversations with Les: Part One.

During the mediumship sitting with my friend, her wonderful dad Les came through, telling us all about his most recent experiences in the afterlife and also some amazing evidence to prove that it was him talking, of course stuff I would not know about, only my friend could verify it.

One thing that he said that really stood out, was that he is going to send a gift to his daughter, my friend, very soon.  She also said she “felt” like something big was coming.  Do you remember I said that my friend appears to manifest like a boss, she wins things all the time, it’s a mix of being on a really high vibration, but not only that, her dad Les, who currently resides in the Astral Realm (afterlife) is a very efficient gift giver.

Check out the last paragraph of my blog from Conversations With Les:

“Just before it was time for Les to go, I asked for a message for my friend.  Les showed me a vision from Royalty, someone sitting at a throne with an orb and red velvet cloth.  I described this to my friend, and I asked her if it meant anything to her?  She was so excited, “Yes!  Just before I got here, I just entered a competition to visit Hampton Court Palace and for an overnight stay with a friend, I’m trying to win it for me and you to go!”, “Well, he is saying you will win something this year, hopefully that’s it!”.  Les is very good at giving gifts to my friend.  Since he passed, she has won two holidays, countless days out and other material things, I’m absolutely certain these are gifts from father to daughter”.


Well, as it turns out, Les was right and so was my friends gut instinct.  She didn’t win the ticket to go to Hampton Court Palace.  Instead, he sent her something even bigger.  In fact, he sent her something that not only she could enjoy (she has had a tough personal few years) but also that her mum, his beloved wife, could also enjoy.  My friend entered a competition with Classic FM, coincidentally, the radio station that her mum loves.  The competition was to win 2 tickets for an all-expenses paid, fully inclusive health and wellness holiday in Saint Lucia…..and she won it yesterday!  Now my friend can spend some much-needed relaxation time with her mum, the two women he loved most in the world! When she messaged to tell me this, thrilled was not the word, I was so happy for her!!

My friend and I knew that Les would deliver his promise, but even I was amazed at the speed of this manifestation!

Which begs an interesting question, do we manifest everything, or is it all simply “pennies from heaven?”.  I feel that it’s a bit of both.  Our spirit family, spirit guides and angels can send us what we want and need (or the Universe, use the term that suits your belief system), but we just have to take the opportunity to receive it.  By entering the competition, my friend gave herself the chance to win, and Les pulled a few strings his end to make it all work out.  He told us and he didn’t’ let us down!

I can’t wait for some more conversations with Les and I wish my friend and her mum the best time in Saint Lucia!!

Until next time,

Tanya Short

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