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I remember sitting at a family BBQ some few years back, when one of my sister’s family members, a lovely gentleman who turns 80 this year, pulled me aside by my elbow and whispered in my ear.  Previously, I had been telling him and some others about the unexplainable, paranormal experiences I have had in my life.

“I see people when I am in my bed……people that shouldn’t be there” he whispered, trying not to let anyone hear him.  Ah.  He is in the closet, and he needs to chat to someone about this.  “Tell me more” I say, then I can’t believe my ears.

Not only does he see light orbs, but he see’s people in human, physical form, some dressed in Victorian clothing, some look at him, others just keep walking past……they just pop up every now and again but are completely real to him.  Does he have any idea what a gift he has?  Physically “seeing” spirit outside of your mind is rare, but entirely possible.  He has lived his entire life and not told anyone about this.  I’m astonished.

This isn’t unusual.  I have met so many people that have had a story to tell about seeing, hearing, or just knowing something that they can’t explain, but they worry about what others will think, so they keep it to themselves.

My nan died before my grandad.  A few weeks after her death, my grandad said to me “Tanya, I saw Rose, in the kitchen.  She was sitting at her stool, smoking a cigarette. She looked right at me and then disappeared”.  He told me because he knew I got it, I understood, and most importantly, I believed.

My mum saw a man at the end of her bed when she was very small.  She told her mum, and described everything he was wearing, his jacket, shoes, cap, everything.  My nan was shocked, my mum had just described the grandad she had never met or seen a photograph of.

About 3 weeks after my own grandad died, I awoke one night to feel someone touching my arm.  I couldn’t see grandad with my eyes, but I felt a touching sensation on my arm.  I knew it was him, I could feel his spirit.  He must have spent at least 20 minutes with me that night, comforting me, letting me know he was there. The next morning, I received a text from my sister, who isn’t a medium but on occasion has psychic things happen.

“Tanya, last night I got woken up, something was stroking my arm, I think it was grandad.  He was doing it for ages”.  Yep, these are moments that I just love, more validation from the afterlife.

I would love to hear about your experiences, do you have any?  Feel free to email me at tanyashortenergyreader@gmail.com or message my facebook page, don’t stay in the spiritual closet, come out with the rest of us and talk about your experiences, nothing is dismissed or taboo!!

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