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The best way to start a new “good” habit (an emotional, spiritual, physical, or mental good habit) is to break away from the negative energy that may be pulling you backwards.  You may find that the negative energy is like a magnet at times, almost pulling you toward it and you have to try so hard to break away.  I believe there is a reason for this, sometimes we crave what is really not very good for us and to overcome this craving is to learn valuable lessons about ourselves and move on in our self-development.  How do we know if it is a bad habit?  It may make us feel bad, low, guilty or like our intuition is telling us that something it out of balance with it (no matter how much our ego tries to drown out our good intentions!).

I will give you a personal example of this.  Through-out this whole Covid experience, the hardest thing for me to deal with is the conspiracy theorists that appear to be collectively joining forces and are being (from what I have seen), aggressive, cold and obtuse to other people’s views and opinions that are not the same as their own.

I can look at my phone in the morning, and see in the sea of social media posts, these negative people popping up or jumping on threads and in the face of such devastation, almost mocking everyone else going through it.  I find their vibration so low, so vastly different from my own that their energy will stick to me all day and I find it hard to shake off.  This is a clear example of when we around people of a different vibration and how it can affect us on an energetic level (fyi, this is not a political post, no one is right, no one is wrong – but I’m writing about how it makes me FEEL).

But like a moth to a flame, I find myself being sucked into their comments, the negativity, not to join it (I try very hard not to engage!), but to be triggered by it.  To want to retaliate with my own opinion, but by doing that, I have made an active link to the person, not a good idea at all!

I know exactly the cure to deal with this, and it is to cut the link completely.  So, this means;

  • No news alerts that lead me to read the comments
  • Silence anyone on my friends list that I know is not on the same vibration as me (this normally means unfollowing them, not unfriending them!)
  • Do not search out any of the hardened conspiracy theorists that have open profiles, yes, I know a couple that have claimed some huge stuff would happen and on a certain date, so of course when it didn’t happen, I just had to look to see what their response was (radio silence) – but I was angry at myself for looking.  Because looking adds energy to their flame, even if they do not know I am looking.

So, this is my example, and one in which I am really going to try and work on.  You can use this example for things in your life you want to cut contact with, it especially works well on people you no longer want to see.

However, if someone is still in your head, this is not cutting contact or breaking the link.  Energy goes through walls remember, vibrations and frequencies are what we connect too. If you spend all day thinking about someone you don’t want to see anymore because they make you mad/sad/whatever then you are subconsciously keeping them on a line.

You must busy yourself, find new energy to engage with, take your focus on to something else.  You can do this with all sorts of things, even if you experience depression or anxiety, it’s a good way to break free of the same thinking patterns.

As soon as you “put your energy” into something else, you will be breaking off from the thing you want to remove.  It will happen, it will be tough at first, but eventually, any people / objects / songs / things associated with the person in question will also start to disappear too.

So, try it, with anything that no longer serves you.  Of course, if you want the opposite to happen, and you actively want to connect with someone….well then you just do the opposite (just don’t become a stalker!). Another blog post on that to follow soon!

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