Can we change fate?

One of the biggest questions that I ponder when I look into the future using tarot cards is, can we change what is coming up?? Especially if we see something of a negative nature in a relationship.

Here is a good example of that; I was reading for a young female client a few years back and I could clearly see her current relationship ending in the near future. What was interesting was that it was very much based on her attitude and decision making process in her current state, we could see two lines drawn from her current position, one choosing to change to adapt to her partners needs a bit more (she was being stubborn), the other to remain as she was, she chose to remain as she was and the relationship did indeed end.
I thought about it a lot and wondered if she made a massive mistake, then found out she had met a new guy and fell pregnant and was very happy!! So – it was meant to be it seems….had she have changed her behaviour would she still have broken up with the first guy? Was her soulmate her new man and whatever it took she would find him to have her future children?
These are massive questions that even psychic readers struggle to answer. I do have my own theory on it though.

I believe the big stuff is written in like a “life contract” and cannot be changed, milestone stuff like;

  • birth and death dates
  • The family we are born into, even the country & culture & Earth time (more on that on another post!)
  • Major accidents or illnesses (which are life lessons for us to over come on our journey to help develop us)
  • Who our main relationships will be with (soulmates / twin-flames / karmic love debt!)
  • How many (if any) kids we will have

Now I believe the other stuff I’m about to list is more “changeable” based on forks in the road, decisions and how we navigate life based on our free will;

  • our job/career choice
  • Our motivation & aspiration levels
  • Our happiness levels
  • Our success levels (whatever success means to that person)
  • Our physical and mental health based on life choices we make

Each one of us resonates on a vibrational frequency and when we find something on our frequency (be that a person, job, situation or circumstance etc) we feel good on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. So we are kind of nudged by the tarot to stay on our vibrational frequency, as soon as we come off that, things start to go wrong.
So can a person avoid the big stuff? No, I don’t think they can. But they can navigate around the smaller stuff to get in alignment with their true purpose; that of which is how to develop further in character, spirit & soul.

So to get back to my main point, when I give a reading I always remind people that we can in fact change our future if it’s on one of the smaller roads along our paths, like a job or new house etc. The rest of the stuff seems to be written.
All I can advise is that we try to keep on the right path as best as we can, using our intuition and feeling our way along as the best form of guide, using tarot as a wonderful helping hand to help guide and nudge us from time to time!
Until next time,

2 thoughts on “Can we change fate?”

  1. Thanks for another good article Tanya. I’m curious to know why we find it so difficult to find and live our lifes purpose or maybe we each are without realising??!!

    1. Thanks Frank, well I guess that’s the lessons, if it were easy then what would we learn? If it’s a struggle to “feel” at peace with our life choices then that’s our subconscious telling us we have fallen off our plan, so we must keep working at it and trying our best x

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