Parallel Lives?

My eight-year-old is really into Doctor Who at the moment, so we are binge watching the “newer” episodes from around 2005 (not the ones that left me trembling behind the sofa when I was the same age in the mid-1980s as soon as I heard that theme music come on!).  The most recent episode we watched was the one about a parallel world to our own Earth world, the Doctor & the Tardis landed there by accident, by a crack in the Universal law of time or something like that.

I found it an interesting watch, seeing as I also have my own theory on a parallel universe/life.  Do you ever wonder if that is what Déjà vu is?  Something plays out that you have already seen before or feel like you know exactly what is going to happen next?  I know, I know, the scientists will tell us that Déjà vu is actually trickery of the mind, a conscious “mini sleep” that happens to us when we are really tired….sometimes I beg to differ but I don’t have loads of letters after my name so perhaps I’m not qualified to have an opinion, or maybe the fact I talk regularly to spirits from “another dimension” does make me a little more qualified than I thought?

Anyway, here is a conundrum; this is a true story.  Last summer, in 2020, in-between the spring/summer Covid lockdown and the autumn one, when we were allowed to leave the house and meet a friend again, my daughter and I agreed to meet my friend Helen and her two children for a coffee close to where she lives and then on for a forest walk after.  Now, everyone that knows me well knows that I am as punctual as a SAS officer in training, (even my child was born on her exact due date!)…so this means that I turn up to things on time, but it also means that I have to wait around a lot, especially for friends that are not the same as me.  You would think being punctual a virtue but it’s actually a curse at times, as it puts pressure on my friends!  Helen, that day, being one of them as she had loads of logistics to sort out, like picking her kids up from her mums on route and then dropping her mum to the supermarket and all this other stuff, unlike lucky old me who could just throw my child in the car and get going.  So, understandably, I had a feeling Helen may not be dead on time.

However, as I approached the main (and only) large roundabout that leads out of Helen’s estate, I saw her zoom around it, in her White Hyundai , her hair up on her head, except she didn’t have the two kids in the back.  I got a perfect view of her, in fact my little girl shouted out “There is Helen mum!” ….and I said “Oh yeah – bloody hell she’s on time!!  She must be on her way to get the kids”.

Less than a minute later, I pulled up at the coffee place we would be meeting as my phone began to ring.  It was Helen calling.  The conversation between us went like this;

Helen;  “Hi, it’s me, so sorry, I’m going to be late!  I haven’t even picked the kids up yet!”

Me; “Yeah I know, we saw you on the roundabout on your way there, I saw the back seat empty and you pull off the roundabout in the other direction to the coffee place so assumed you are on your way to your mums?”.

Helen; “You couldn’t have seen me, I haven’t even left the house yet!  Still trying to get dressed, I’m so behind this morning!”

Me; “What?  But me and Ariane both saw you, your exact car, your hair plonked up high on your head today?”

Helen; “Yes that is exactly how my hair is, I’ve just put it up….it must be another woman who looks just like me?”

Me; “Helen it WAS you, with the same car as you, you were driving off toward the A414”

Helen; “That’s the way I will be going….but I’m at home, you can even hear my washing machine”….which I could in the background…..

Me; “What a weird bloody coincidence”

It was very strange indeed, she was so close to us (we were at the front of the roundabout queue as she drove past) and it was the same car, colour, make and model (I don’t know her registration so could not verify that) – her hair style was the same which I could validate as soon as we did eventually meet up …but it wasn’t her (and she wouldn’t lie to me, Helen is one of the most honest people I have ever met) – so was it just that, a pure and simple coincidence?

But it got me thinking (I guess I was having my very own Doctor Who moment!).  What if it was Helen, and my daughter and I had just seen a crack within dimensions?  What if me and Helen, and everyone else for that matter, is playing out the exact same stuff, routines and relationships but with some subtle key differences?  What if there are not one parallel life, but many, with the same big life milestones but the key differences being that because of free will, we either get to (or don’t get too) the milestones based on our life choices & decision making process?  What if our soul gave us a string of “lives” upon different vibrations and said “it’s a race, see who gets there first” and there we are, all living our separate yet joined lives, trying to do our best, to make a success of it, be happy, and moments like Deju Vu are simply a moment in time where we zone in on those other lives but then write it off as a trick of the mind?  What if the same set of circumstances are always given but each one of us handles it completely differently based on our core personality traits, which in turn, would give different outcomes, luck verses bad luck, the right path versus the wrong?  There could be much to learn on a soul level from each separate life experience…..

I know, this is deep (and welcome to the inner workings of my mind).  Who actually knows?  No one, but it’s certainly worth thinking about, right?

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