Sliding Doors….Again

It seems that my brush with a parallel universe has happened again…..if you read this blog; “Parallel Lives?” you would know that after that experience, I was convinced that we are having multiple lives that are running alongside each other in other universes.

I was also convinced of this when I once saw my daughter very clearly run into the living room, to follow her only to see that she wasn’t in there, she was fast asleep upstairs.  She had on the same PJs and her hair was the same…..I clearly saw her with my own eyes yet she wasn’t there at all. 

So, these two instances stand out in my mind, yet I recently had the strongest “evidence” that we may be living parallel lives.

I have a friend who was travelling up from the Southwestern coast to Essex on a Saturday a few weeks ago.  He was visiting some mutual friends on the next street to where I live.  I knew he was coming on the Saturday but no idea when.

At around three o’clock in the afternoon I left my home for my dog walk.  I walked past the street that has the house where my friend would be visiting that weekend. I wondered if he was there yet or still on his travels.  As I turned the corner and walked down the hill toward the main road, a dark coloured car passed me slowly.  I looked into the car as it approached and squinted my eyes as I recognised the driver to be my friend.  He did what looked like a double take of me, as recognition also flittered across his face and then he waved at me.   I couldn’t believe that we had crossed paths at the same time.

As he drove on, I was half expecting him to stop and jump out and say hello, but he kept on going.  As this was all happening, the energy around me felt strange.  It’s hard to explain – I saw him, recognised him instantly and knew he did me…I knew it was him, but I thought it was unusual that he didn’t stop.  I also thought what a coincidence that he drove past me just at the right time.  In that moment, it was like I knew I had saw him, but it was like he wasn’t even there.  I grabbed my phone and sent him a message.

“Did you just drive past me?”

He replied; “No, I didn’t make the journey, haven’t been well at all so decided to stay here instead”.

I stopped in my tracks.  But I had seen him?  He saw me?  We had waved at each other, both with a look of “fancy seeing you here” on our faces as he drove toward his friend’s house….however in reality he was MILES away.

I told him what had happened, and he was equally mystified. 

Could it have been a look alike?  Massive coincidence that he waved at me though and in those split seconds had the same “mannerism” as my friend (the way he waved at me was so him!).

Or perhaps could it have been cognitive bias?  I knew he was travelling up on that day at some point and his doppelgänger just happened to wave right at me, so I thought he was my friend?

So just a massive coincidence?  But why wasn’t the guy they waved different?  Perhaps a different hair colour, skin colour….gender even?  The fact he looked THE SAME freaked me out. 

The way the energy changed felt off too….like I was in a different time zone?  It’s hard to explain it, but seeing him in his car, I felt like I was in a different period of my life, like it was jumbled up.

It led me to think hard on this as I do have a belief that we each have one soul that has many streams of our individual self that run alongside each other, having the same yet different lives.

Like the film sliding doors, each decision or life choice results in an alternative set of life experiences.  Can you imagine what would have happened if you had taken that job all those years ago?  Or dated your childhood sweetheart?  Or got on the train that you just missed?

I believe that the people in our lives now are still in our parallel lives yet perhaps different things are occurring because of the routes we are taking.  So, he and I are still friends in this other universe, but when I saw him, he was well and able to make the trip.  I felt like I had just glimpsed into another dimension.  A tiny split in the jelly of our universe allowed me to peek inside another reality.

Which gets me thinking even deeper on this….if I can read future energy when doing tarot readings….or if I can connect to people that have died through mediumship…why can’t I connect to my other “selves” in other Universes…this is something I may have to experiment with in the future!

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7 thoughts on “Sliding Doors….Again”

  1. Very cool! I’ve had a lot of those “can’t explain” experiences and I know how frustrating it is to try to find answers to. I will say this about connecting to yourself in another room, ever get the voices inside your head that help your situation? What makes you think that you are not already connecting with your other cells when you receive those intuitions?

    1. Thank you Donna, yes – I hear the voices a lot. I always take them to be my guide or higher self (maybe both) but never thought about them being another me from another realm, so thank you as that’s quite an interesting thing to think about! I actually love the non-explainable stuff, it really excites me! X

      1. Tell me about it Tonya, I live with a psychic medium and I could tell you stories that are totally unexplainable but totally awesome! It was nice chatting with you today!

      2. I really despise this talk to text feature, I meant to say I am a psychic medium not that I live with in – I guess I kind a live with one too lol

      3. How wonderful!! It makes life so exciting doesn’t it!
        Thanks Donna, I really appreciate you reading my blogs and taking the time to connect. Have a wonderful day xx 😘

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