Keeping Your Channels Clear

The one thing that I have found is so very important to help me give the most productive intuitive tarot readings is by keeping my energy levels super clear.  I know this sounds a bit weird and you are probably thinking “what?!” but let me explain myself.

Psychic mediums talk a lot about their own vibration and how we use our energy field to connect to spirit whilst we are working, this is absolutely correct and I have found that the better shape I keep myself in, the better practices that I work on, makes for a wonderful tarot experience for my sitter and I…

Not only that, good, healthy practices in life affects everything from your physical wellbeing to how your head feels…to how you respond to situations around you, you feel more positive, more assured, more “in control yet not obsessive” and just generally like you have your sh&t together as a person!

So, on this blog post I wanted to share with you my rituals and healthy practices that I now do every single day of my life (ok, excluding if I’m sick or on hols but you catch the drift) – consistency is the key here folks and when I say key it is the actual ingredient of complete and utter success in any undertaking so, let me begin with my morning and evening rituals;


I have the same morning ritual come rain or shine and I have to do this every day, in the order I do it, so that I feel like I’m ready to take on what I need too.  I can add some bits in, like some mornings I will do a twenty-minute Yoga routine but generally it goes like this;

  • I start the morning with coffee. Ok, I tried the pint of water and then the honey and lemon thing but I stopped doing it, for me, coffee is where it is at and where it is staying.  Just one mug, no more until 1pm.
  • I always have reading time every morning, getting up is never a struggle for me, so once awake the coffee pot is on and I’m cozying up to my dog Sebastian and my favorite read of the month before anyone else in my household has opened an eyelid.  To point out – I allow myself time in the morning to fully wake up.  I do not rush, that is not my bag.
  • I eat breakfast every morning and the thought of skipping this (or any meal may I add) is simply sacrilege to me!  It is a proper breakfast too, always healthy, but always one that allows me to start the day, it might be eggs and seedy toast, it might be rolled oatmeal with cherries, whatever I have it is delicious and always gets knocked down with a small glass of Cranberry Juice.
  • My Kitchen is always clean before I go upstairs to begin getting ready, my daughter and the dog fed, we are good to go.
  • I have to bath every single morning.  It’s not massively deep but it’s hot (on re-reading that sentence I realise how funny that line sounds, but I won’t change it!)  and contains Epsom Salts and Coconut oil.  My bath is mega important to me, at the same time I can put on my concoction of facial products, namely Dermalogica at the moment but I am partial to an Etsy natural skin care product, probably made from Coconut oil as it’s my very favorite thing in the World! (possible slight exaggeration there).
  • After the bath, the skin care continues, which I could write a whole other blog post on.  But to put it in a nutshell, my skin never gets neglected, I have a morning and night routine and regular prescriptive facials.  I do not leave the house without factor 50 and I’m so used to doing this now, it is second nature.  To add, I wouldn’t dream of sleeping with make-up on, it’s like going to bed with your coat on.
  • I do make sure I allow a full body moisturise session and face of makeup before leaving the house, this just makes me feel better in myself.

You are probably thinking “who has this kind of time?” but……I allow a good couple of hours in the morning, I don’t need to sleep in because I go to bed at 9pm most weeknights.  My night time routine is the skin care, more reading and a herbal tea before bed.  Totally non-cool and boring to many readers I am sure….but its what I do.  I have to add that on a night out I wouldn’t be clock watching but I would naturally start to feel tired around 9pm…I’m a morning lark, what I can I say?


I’ve given myself enough years of feeding myself utter crap in my twenties and I don’t even want to talk about my past alcohol consumption during the “City Years” of my corporate career to now finally make some good food choices.  At the grand old age of forty I now know what I should be putting in my mouth and the correlation between what that food type is and how I feel, which is, amazing, when I do it right. 

I drink around two pots of green tea a day, the rest of the day herbal tea in some guise and water, I don’t have fizzy drinks at all except a light tonic in my gin!  I have one more coffee after lunch and its with condensed milk so I get my sweet kick, but I never drink it after 2pm so that it doesn’t affect my sleep.

Alcohol is in my diet, but only at weekends and limited to two gins on a Friday and Saturday night and half a bottle of red with my Sunday dinner.  I know this sounds regimented and possibly even irritating but this works for me and if I do have an occasion when I can properly let my hair down – then of course I’m going to do that, but always being mindful of how much.

I make sure I eat as well as possible, avoiding processed food, but having the good stuff too, like real butter and the fat on a lamb bone.  Smaller portions of what you fancy goes a long way to keeping yourself contented and not depriving yourself of anything!  I love a takeaway but I’ve managed to curb the habit that used to be a twice weekly affair in my twenties to once every 6 to 8 weeks now.

I cook from scratch every night, its mostly because I love cooking and it’s like a hobby for me, but also because that’s how I can control my weight and I know this nutrition is best for keeping me feeling well.

You are what you eat is the truest statement yet, if your digestion is f%*ked then it will affect every single system in your body.  I am so mindful of this now.  I mostly eat fish as a protein source but I do have meat at weekends, keeping the red stuff to a minimum.


I walk everywhere I can, I love being out in nature as it helps clear my head like nothing else.  I also enjoy running however have laid off it a bit recently, getting as much good exercise doing the same distance with a speedy walk with my dog Seb.


I try hard not to follow newspapers and I’m mindful about people I follow on social media.  I am a naturally anxious person in that I do overthink and worry when I hear bad news, I can carry it around for days and even weeks sometimes.  So, I’ve banned all that now to just focus on me and my little life.  Totally ignorant?  Absolutely.  And that’s the way its staying.

My routine may sound dull and boring but it certainly isn’t to me.  It has taken me years to fully show up to dedicate myself to healthy routines and practices, I can in fact thank Covid and lockdown for that too.  I want to continue to keep my energies clear and focused so I can improve my psychic ability, my energy levels and my overall wellbeing, this is the way that works for me and after years of trying, testing, illness and mental health issues, I’m sticking to this one!

Until next time,


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