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My love and passion for herbal teas has grown so much over the past twelve months.  Mostly because I wanted to increase my water intake with something interesting, but also because I started to realise that after drinking herbal tea, that it makes me feel incredibly balanced and centered after just a couple of cups.

What is also apparent is that, as I try my hardest to implement healthy practices into my daily routine to help with my Endometriosis, that tea appears to have more healing qualities than I ever gave it credit for.

Now as you may know already, there are literally hundreds of fantastic tea brands and companies out there, so where do you start from when choosing a blend that suits your energetic needs at this time?

In December 2020, as we fast approached a second full lockdown in the UK, I was searching for a tea that would bring me comfort during troubled times, cold nights & the impeding January “blues”.  I stumbled across a company called Witches Tea (  This immediately struck a chord with me, mostly because of the name and also because of the awesome blends they had advertised, tea like “Third Eye Opening” blend.  The very fact that these ladies had years of experience with Wicca & Witchcraft and were able to bring this fusion together with their knowledge of plants into a tea and the strapline “They Are Quite Simply A Ritual In A Cup” excited me enough to hit purchase and try some for myself!

My tea arrived and was literally gone in a few weeks because I couldn’t get enough of it.  This tea was so light, mildly fragrant and not in the slightest overpowering, so refreshing and exactly what I needed as I spent the day conducting online tarot readings.  Weirdly, my psychic ability was bang on too, was this tea really opening up my third eye, or was it the intention that the lovely ladies had set for it before I even opened the packet? 

Fast forward to the present day and I am still a lover of Witches Tea, not only that, I am lucky enough to collaborate with the lovely ladies themselves by reviewing their teas and giving my amazing followers a Coupon Code so you can get involved with some tea to try for yourselves!  So do look out for my forthcoming blogs as I try out some truly satisfying tea blends (can you tell how excited I am by this??!).

You will find that as soon as you look at their website, you really know for sure that Willow and Emerald are so passionate about their blends, because they know their craft so well.  Each tea pack comes with its detailed written guide and ritual, which I found so beautiful when I opened my first pack. 

Below are a few questions I asked the ladies, to get to know the awesome witches behind the brand;

How did you get started?

We have been following the old ways for many years now and both of us always had and do have a very strong connection to herbal medicine in the Eastern sense (Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda and Tribal). It was through our research we found that we have a rich history of very similar powerful herbal practices in the Celtic forms. This formed the basis for what is now Witches Tea.

Do you have a favourite blend that you offer?

We have both struggled with our sleep in our lives so our favourite blend is the Sleep Infusion. We developed most of our blends for ourselves or our friends first of all before sharing them with the community on our page and website.

Where do you source your products from?

We use lots of different suppliers for our herbs depending on where they thrive best. Any herbs we can produce ourselves well enough in the UK we try to grow ourselves where possible. For example, some of the herbs in the Ancient Greek blend are grown on the foothills of mount Olympus.

Why does tea feel so healing on lots of levels?

All medicine is derived from plants. For example, Asprin is a molecule taken from the bark of the White Willow tree. What we have found is that taking the whole plant allows your body to absorb the active parts so much more effectively and also has many hidden benefits that you would not always get. 

The experience and ritual of infusing the herbs and drinking the blend connects you on a much deeper level with the magic of the plants you are partaking in. 

Any buying tips for a newbie to your teas?  Should they just go to what they are drawn too?

If you are trying our teas for the first time, definitely first of all go to what you are most drawn to. If anyone has any questions or needs help they can always contact us through our FB and Instagram messenger. We are always here for advice and are happy to make bespoke blends for specific needs of our sisters and brothers.

I’m really excited to provide you with a couple code for a 15% discount to all my readers and followers; TANYA15.  You can check out the teas offered by Witches Tea at;

Next time I will be reviewing the Depression and Anxiety blend, so do look out for my next post!

In the meantime, if you are interested in connecting with me, you can find me via Tanya Short Energy Reader on YouTube, Facebook & Instagram.

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