Always Ask For Help

I am a true believer that each human being has a team of spirits that are constantly working with them here on Earth, helping to guide, support and heal when needed as we navigate our life’s path.  

I have asked for help many times, especially when I am unwell.  Because I am always using my intuition daily, it does mean that I am able to feel, sense and understand that help quite effectively at times.  But sometimes I do forget that all I must do is just ask in my mind, calm myself and then wait.  

I’m going to recount a little story below that happened to me a few weeks back.  At the time of writing, I thought I had Norovirus or Covid.  I believe now it was food poisoning from some cray fish I ate a couple of days before.  I guess I will never know, but I do know that I felt absolutely awful and after asking for help, within 2 hours I was feeling much better.

It is 3.52 in the small hours and my body feels like an oil lamp, warming me from my core, then saturating my pyjamas in sweat….virus sweat.   At the same time, I shake profusely like I’m going through Dengue Fever in a Cambodian rain forest.  I know someone who had that, and now I feel her pain.  It’s like we are there together, even though my friend Alex went through her Dengue ordeal in 2019…..

I cannot lay down, as this makes the nausea indescribable, and I know it will lead to instant vomiting.

I haven’t slept a wink, my bedroom empty except for my hot mess of a body, my husband previously retreated to my daughter’s room and decided that a cramped night’s sleep in a single cabin bed was worth the pain to ensure that he does not catch this.

My head feels like it has been caved in and for some reason I have the sharpest pain in my right shoulder tip that makes me wince out loud.

I’ve already replayed most episodes of Handmaids Tale in my mind as my fever spikes.  It’s the scene when June Osbourne gets shot and sings Heaven Is A Place on Earth, I am now singing it through dry lips as I become hotter and hotter.  Weirdly the thermometer reads just 38 degrees yet “feels like” temperature is around 41.

It is at this point that I ask for help from my guide, spirit team, the angels, my deceased Nan, I practically beg in gaga language to make this pain stop.  I honestly feel like if I move, I will pass out.

That’s when I see her in my mind’s eye.  A woman, with chestnut brown wavy hair, mid 50s I reckon, in a long white coat.  I feel her walk around to my side of the bed and place two cooling slim pale hands on my steaming limbs.  I note the pens in her top right pocket and stethoscope around her slim next.  As she lays her hands, I feel instant relief.  Her hands are the epitome of “healing”.  They feel like love itself.

As I’m calmer now, I see the light of Blue, my guide, around my face.  He tells me to suck on travel sweets.  That’s what he is showing me in my mind’s eye, those fruity flavoured sweets that you used to get from Shell garages in 1986, sure to make you want to vomit into the door compartment.  Is this really a time for a joke?  I appreciate the help from my heavenly doctor but why is Blue showing me those awful sweets that he knows I hate?

Then the sweets turn to ice cubes in my mouth and then the ice cubes turn to water, little sips, little sips.

“Sit up and sip the water, little bits at a time” I “hear” him say in my mind.

I do what he says and through the growling of my empty stomach and feel the cold water slither down my oesophagus.  It is calming and helping immensely with the nausea.

They are here looking after me whilst whatever this God-awful virus is peaks to its worst (well I hope so, any worse than this and I’m certain I will need an IV drip).

As I sit and breathe deeply, sipping the water as I do so, I still feel the energy of my spirit friends close by.  To me, it is a feeling of calmness, that they are there, that everything is going to be ok.  Why didn’t I call on them earlier?  They are always there after all.  I think that in my stress of dealing with my illness, I forgot that I can always ask for help.

So, the message of this blog post today is to always ask.  It doesn’t matter what it is either.  You might want the car journey to run smoothly.  You may want to just feel positive today.  Do you want to stop worrying so much or have more will power?  Or to change your life completely? …….just ask for help and guidance.  And if someone is poorly, or you are poorly, always ask for help and support.  You are never alone, ever.  Love is around you continuously even in your darkest of hours.

But do allow the time for the guidance to come in.  Be it through feelings, symbols, help from people, lucky breaks, words of wisdom, signs and songs… will always be there, just ask, wait and listen.

Until next time,


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