Invisible Hands

Every single Reiki treatment I have with a client is different; it is always unique to the person having the session depending on what is going on in their own personal world.

Every now and again, I am reminded how powerful the healing energy of Reiki truly is and how it can help people to pick themselves back up after experiencing some hard knocks on their life journey.

I recently saw one such client, also a good friend of mine, who needed Reiki so very much to help her heal from some personal difficulties that had left her feeling sad, emotionally low, and out of balance.

When suffering a personal loss, Reiki can provide the person grieving with the space they need to let go of deep held emotions, worries and the pure stress of the weight they are carrying.

When I started the Reiki treatment on my dear friend, I could feel how heavy her aura felt, her sadness and pain.  Our aura’s will change depending on our own physical and emotional health.  The colours can change too, depending on how one is feeling.   With Reiki, we try to alleviate the problem by unblocking the energy centres (chakra’s) that need attention.  Deep healing is sent to these areas, I can often feel an imbalance just from placing my hands in that area.

When I placed my hands over her throat chakra, that sits on her neck area, I felt a sudden strong emotional pain in my tummy.  I could literally feel her sadness and I couldn’t stop my own silent tears from trickling down my cheeks.  This had never happened to me before, but it may have been because my friend are I are very emotionally connected that I felt her sadness so strongly.

What I didn’t realise until I looked down was that she was also crying at the same time, as her throat chakra released its energy, all those tears that had been sitting in her chest, began to spill out.  The healing power of crying cannot be underestimated.  It allows us to literally “make room” with our energy, as we are no longer hanging onto the emotional pain.  It is so important to cry when you need to, and it should never be blocked. 

Once her tears were released, we both felt better, I continued with her treatment.  At the end, as I clasped her feet in my hands and set my intentions to ground her energy, something caught my eye, to the left of my friend’s head.

I could see the white auric silhouette of a huge man, well over six feet, standing right next to her, with wings that could span the size of the room we were in if he wanted to open them up.  I knew instinctively that this was Arch Angel Michael, coming in to protect my friend during these difficult times.

I saw Michael in my minds eye, yet I knew he was standing right beside her, just behind her head.  I asked him if he would continue healing my friend once I had finished and I felt him tell me yes, of course he would.

By now, my friend was so relaxed, eyes firmly shut as she lay very still, in that beautiful meditative state that only Reiki healing can bring.

I decided to leave her there for five minutes, whilst I quietly left the room to go and wash my hands.

On my return, I gently rubbed my friends arm and she slowly rose, we both hugged and cried again as it was such a moving and special treatment.

“I heard you leave after the treatment had finished………but then the strangest thing happened Tanya” she said.  “You might think this is crazy…” she stopped talking and I nodded my head with encouragement “you are worried that I will think you are crazy?” I asked and we both laughed, as my friend is aware of all the strange yet wonderful experiences I have personally had.

“I knew you were not in the room, but suddenly, as I lay there, I felt the heat of hands on my forehead, the same feeling as when you were there at the start of the treatment.  It was so strong, there was no doubt in my mind that I was feeling heat from another being.  I have never had such a personal spiritual experience before” she said in astonishment.

I explained to my friend that I had seen Arch Angel Michael and asked him to continue the healing for her.  She had felt his angelic hands on her forehead.  She felt actual sensations of warmth from skin, as if a human was standing over her. 

Over the years since I have known my friend, I have told her about my encounters from spirits, the feelings I get when they draw close and how it makes me feel, sometimes, a little hard to put into words.  This experience for my friend, gave her the same feelings and she now understood without any doubt that there is more going on in our reality than we are aware of, that in times of need, when healing is so crucial, that behind the practitioner stands a team of beings who are providing that healing from the source of love in which it travels from.

After her session, my friend felt lighter, positive and most of all, changed in a way that enabled her to find the light in the darkness, to see that hope is always near, to feel whole once again.

I’m forever grateful for the gift of Reiki healing, the teams of beings that walk alongside us, even when we don’t believe they are there and for the experiences that others encounter that only strengthens my strong resolve that love never ends, it continues and that we are always held, always.

A week later, as I was wondering the spiritual shops in Glastonbury, I was thinking of my friend.  A sparkle of blue light caught my eye as a glass sphere reflected the sunlight, that was dangling from a display shelf.

I walked over and held the ball in my hand and read the description on the box next to it, “Arch Angel Michael Glass Ball, to offer protection and healing”.  I smiled to myself, bought the gift and gave it to my friend as soon as I saw her the next week.  Sometimes it is just a case of joining the dots to see the bigger picture.

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