The Four Seasons Of She

It has not been lost on me that lately I have found myself being drawn to the energy of the feminine.  For example, on leaving Waterstones recently I didn’t realise until I reviewed my purchases that all the books I bought were about female power, enlightenment and the journey of “her”.

Then in Glastonbury, I picked up the last signed copy of Sophie Bashford’s “You are a Goddess” which is a truly enchanting book about connecting with the divine sacred feminine goddesses, to bring them into your life to help heal, learn, and transform.

But what does “connect” to the sacred feminine even mean? I have my own interpretation. I believe that it is connecting to our complete and whole selves, accepting our faults and mistakes as learning chapters, holding compassion for ourselves, and mostly “forgiving” ourselves. It is to walk into the future speaking our truth and knowing how powerful the feminine truly is. Let me give you some examples below.

I see it as the Four Seasons Of She.  If an average woman lives to eight-four years, she has four quarters, four seasons to grow through.  

Age 0 – 21; She Is Spring (Chakra’s Base & Sacral / Tarot; Princess of Cups)

This is the most important time for a girl to feel secure, valued, and respected.  She is a tiny bud ready to bloom into her beautiful being, her own flower which will be a unique specimen, just as she is.  When she is in spring, she is strongly connected to earth and the ground, the security around her paramount to lay a foundation for many more years of growth.  Spring is a time for anticipation, surprises and experiences yet encountered.  It is a time for new beginnings, and a time when mothers hold their young close.  If her base chakra is not stable, she may feel the ripple effect for many years to come.  As her sacral chakra develops, she will have tiny clues of how powerful she really is and may have a hint of where that power could take her.  This time is about confidence, growth and strength….red and orange, fire, earth and movement……..full of life yet so much that still awaits………….It is doubtful she knows her true self whilst in spring.  She may feel perplexed and full of anxiety from the emotions, thoughts and feelings that cloud her judgement.  But that is ok, as this is the time where lessons come in thick and fast, this season is all about learning and inner growth.

Age 21 – 42; She Is Summer (Chakra’s Solar Plexus & Heart / Tarot; Knight of Wands)

This is one of the most beautiful chapters in a woman’s life.  Filled with vitality and literally blooming, she comes into her own.  She is walking on warm air, like a long, endless summer with repeated days of dazzling light, she is in her peak of life.  With her health, this is the time to nurture and “make hay whilst the sun shines”.  She may still lack confidence in who she truly is, but she will now have mastered the little things that make her tick.  Her maiden years may turn to mother, where she finds that everyone else’s needs are met before her own.  She may be run ragged at times, spinning many plates whilst her independence and freedom sits still in the background.  But….,memory making is all about her, filling her solar plexus with a catalogue of moments frozen in time.  Her heart chakra will be full or lacking, depending on how she sees the world.  As late summer approaches and the nights draw in, on a subconscious level she knows she is a changing flower, and the signs may be impossible to ignore.  Bright yellows and meadow greens……this season is all about memories and love.

Age 42 – 63; She is Autumn (Chakra; Throat / Tarot; Queen of Swords)     

Her colours begin to change in autumn.  Subtly at first, just a few shades darker than in the bright light of her summer years, but changing they are.  This is a time for inner-reflection and soul searching.  Her purpose bobs up and down around her, has she fulfilled it yet?  With each changing of a leaf, comes the confidence to think, feel and speak her truth.  She will wear her throat chakra like a badge of honour, she no longer worries what others think of her, their judgement no longer cuts like it used too.  The quietness of the cool autumn nights allows a silent time out from the businesses of summer, a time of reflection and inner contemplation.  Am I happy here?  Does that person make me feel whole?  Why do I put myself last?  These are the questions that will surround her heart.  The throat chakra will make her explore herself and ensure everyone is listening as she speaks her truth.  She may offend, she might even shock.  But she must be herself now, there is no other way.  

Age 63 and beyond; She is Winter (Chakra’s Third Eye & Crown / Tarot; Queen of Pentacles).

From maiden, mother to crone…..the Queen of winter is a magical time for she.  The silence of the snowfall, the chill in the air….the leaves have fallen from the trees…but does this mean they offer nothing from their branches?  Quite the opposite!  They offer everything.  Every line, detail, twig and brough shows a lifetime of twists and turns, of learning, chapters, steps and renewals.  She has earned her place in winter, she has been moving to a rhythm so large that our small perspective can barely take it in…because we may have missed what she has done, but her leaves are still there, hidden beneath the snow to go back into the earth and bloom new life into the land.  Others will seek her wisdom now as she is able to give mindful advice that is honest and worthy, from all the experience she has gathered along her path.  Her energy is light, white and full of potential….to enjoy the little moments around her, in her moment, her time is now.  

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