Connecting To Guidance

We are told so much about spirit guides and who they might be and how we might connect to them.  It can become confusing at times, some people can see a Native American Indian or can feel a Tibetan Monk around them, others struggle and are worried they don’t have a guide.  I can assure you that each and every human being has a spirit guide/s around them.

I believe the reason why we see our guides in a particular way (if we are lucky enough too!) is because we put an image to them that our imagination feels comfortable with.  The spirit guide is essentially an energy, not a material construct, so it can be anything we want it to be.

When we pass on into the spirit world, it is a place made from mental energy, so our spirit can move and shape into whatever it feels like.

My take on it is that your spirit guide is such a part of you that it IS you, even though we like to think of the guide as a being outside of ourselves.

The only reason why I call my spirit guide Blue is because I saw him in my dreams, a familiar yet strange man, with blue robes, Asian features, and a bald head.  He just kept popping up and smiling at me and I would wonder for days who he was.  Then I went to a medium who said to me “Your guide has appeared in your dreams, you have seen him, am I correct?”.  It was then that the penny dropped who he was.

I’ve also had another medium say that she can see a blue energy standing next to me, that is him, with his healing blue light (which I often see before I begin a reading).

I decided to start talking to him via meditation.  He was already pretty good at dropping me signs when I asked for some guidance (normally in the form of songs, passing conversations, written signs, opportunities or just a change in my thought process).  However, I wanted some proper dialog with him.

I began to ask him questions just before I fell asleep, the first one I ever did was a day or so before I opened my home Reiki and Tarot reading room.  I asked him if it would be a success working from home.  I saw the words in my mind say “Yes, but your neighbours are going to be noisy”. 

I wasn’t sure what this meant, however that same week that I had new clients booked for a nice relaxing treatment, my neighbours had major DIY work completed with brand new windows.  It was so loud I had to cancel some clients for the rest of the week!

Not only would I see the words in my mind, sometimes he could show me pictures to help with communication.  For example, often frustrated with my ability to hold a spirit link when doing mediumship, I asked him how I could overcome this.  He showed me a dolphin.  I had no idea what this meant until I looked up the spiritual meaning.  “To navigate one’s emotions” is what it means, which makes complete sense to me as I feel so much pressure and expectation when doing mediumship that I need to control how I feel whilst in the moment.

Last week I decided to give a little test to Blue.  I know he is there, and we communicate, but sometimes I need even more verification (we are never satisfied, are we?).  Just before I fell asleep as I lay in bed, I asked him to predict something that would happen tomorrow that I would have absolutely no way of knowing. 

Suddenly in my mind’s eye, I saw the words SONIC BOOM like on a newspaper headline.  I knew that sonic booms are very rare, perhaps one or two a year and no one knows when one will ever happen as they are generally not a planned thing.  I decided to wait and see what would happen.

The next day, I got on with things, pretty much forgetting about last night’s prediction.

It wasn’t until I was back in bed at the end of the day and having some herbal tea, scrolling through Facebook that I saw a news headline of a Sonic Boom that had happened over Liverpool earlier that day. 

The hairs stood up on my arms.  He gave me a pretty accurate and clear prediction of something that would happen, proving to me that he is there, we are communicating, and I can ask him anything and he will tell me the answers but only if it benefits me within this moment.

It is important to note that a spirit guide will teach and guide us, they do not live our life for us, that is for us to do, using our own freewill and decisions.

Sometimes he will not give me an answer.  Other times he is happy to communicate with me.

I am lucky in that I see clairvoyantly so I can decipher the messages Blue gives me with relative ease and appreciate that not everyone is able to do this. 

So, I would suggest to you to start with asking for guidance in different ways.  For example, if you have a big decision to make and don’t know which way to turn, ask for guidance.  Over the coming hours, days and weeks, pay attention.

What do you hear?  What are you drawn too? What do you notice?  Who contacts you that may be able to help?  What does everything seem to point too?  What is your gut telling you?  How does going one way make you feel, and going the other?  If both ways make you feel uneasy, is it time to not step forward at this point or think on it some more?

Also pay attention to your dreams, as this is the perfect way to seek guidance to any Earth problems you may have.

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