To Calm An Anxious Mind

Last week started off with such promise for me.  For the first time in a long time, I felt truly content.  I knew it was because I had been working very hard the days prior to bring myself back to balance, physically with the food I was eating, mentally with my mindful practice and spiritually with my work. 

It did not take long until this feeling evaporated.  My usual avoidance of the news came to an abrupt halt with the Ukraine and Russian conflict.  For the first time in my life, I understood that our World and life as we know it could be in serious jeopardy. 

Sitting at the dinner table, listening to my husband talk about his day, or my little girl getting excited about her pet Gecko, or just the feeling of having a hot meal in front of me, in a safe and sheltered house made me feel acutely grateful.  I have practiced gratitude before but never in the depths of that simply yet poignant moment of complete and utter normality.

Anxious thoughts followed.  Almost on autopilot I googled “Nuclear Warfare” and allowed myself to view a map of Great Britain and that where I sat, in my dining room, would certainly feel the effects of an atomic bomb if it hits London. 

Third degree burns apparently, 30 miles away from the epicentre.  Would we feel it?  Would everything just go black?  Twenty minutes, that is how long it takes for a missile to leave Russia and reach London.  I sat imagining the desperate phone calls to those we love, those final minutes ticking away, huddled together in the corner and just…waiting in fear. 

Then I turned off my phone and brought myself back to my centre.

Would I let these terrorising thoughts consume me?  Would I join the evil that is forcing this upon us by feeling into the fear?  Absolutely bloody not.

I knew I was catastrophising this on an epic scale.  I knew I needed to rationalise my thoughts.

In that moment, I realised something profound.  The reason why it is my mission to bring myself back to centre is so I am strong enough to walk through the rockiest of paths.  If I anchor myself back to where I am safe, the World can throw what it likes my way, and I can weather the storm.

But what does coming back to centre mean and how do you do that when you feel anxious, afraid and like all hope is lost?

It is to remember that hope is not lost.  Hope is love after all.  Because without hope, we have lost trust in love. 


Love is the all-powerful energetic force that connects us all.  The vibration is so fast, so high, so strong that when joined in force it can make amazing things happen.  It is imperative that during these dark times we stay connected through love. 

People sometimes believe that evil does not receive the karma it deserves but if I can say one thing with conviction, it is that it does. 

I have only been around for forty-one years.  But in that time, I have observed something, and having a job where I connect with other people’s energy so deeply has allowed me even more insight.  Cause and effect are as real as energy is. 

If a person has intent which is fuelled by evil, greed, conflict and the very depths of the lowest vibration, that person will receive back to them the same feelings, situations, objects, people and things that is on their frequency.  It may happen instantaneously, or it could take years, but believe me, it comes back.

The same works the other way around.  Trust that if you do everything from a place of love, your outside world will begin to mirror your vibration.

No one loves you as much as you love yourself.  Coming back to centre means listening to the little voice inside your head.  It means trusting that the voice will never leave you, will be with you in this life and the next.  Your voice is your energy, and your energy cannot die. 

Turn Off The News

Is it ignorant in these times of hardship to appear to be turning the other cheek?  Are you really?  I don’t think you are.  You can be reliably informed of the bigger developments.  But the day to day reading of dreadful reports, scaremongering, and thoughtless comments from negative people around the world will not help with your state of mind today.

 The Moment Is Now

I cannot emphasis this enough.  The moment is now – right this second.  If you centre yourself and look around you, feel, touch, hear and smell, you will understand that you are in no immediate danger.  And if danger did arrive at your door?  You would deal with it in that moment.  Everything is temporary, and things pass.  Live in this moment and it will alleviate your fears in an instant.

Every day we meet people with different motivations and agendas depending on who they are, how they were raised and what vibration they sit on.  Putin, like Hitler is a black hole of darkness.  But without this darkness, how would we even see or know the light is there? 

The light is there, it is every man, woman and child who believe in peace, love and purpose.  We can do our bit by spreading our light.  We can smile at strangers, we can help people more, we can develop less anger, more patience and we cannot lose hope.  Because hope is love, afterall.

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