Ageing In Spirit

The more I do this work, the more I believe that we can be whatever human age we desire to be once we cross over into the spirit world.  I believe this because “age” is a human, physical construct.  Everything ages and decays (entropy) within the laws of our Universe, and (possibly) because of this we have a process of “time” based on patterns of the Earth’s rotation around the sun and the changing seasons.  With this, we grow and age toward death.

If you think about leaving this physical world and becoming pure energy, age, space and time then may become completely irrelevant. 

That said, people who die and become pure spirits, do have the ability to manifest back into a physical form within this dimension, otherwise how else would we recognise them? (I have seen “ghosts” that are as solid as you and I).

The reason why I believe spirits grow up or take on a different age form in spirit is because I have seen it whilst practicing mediumship.

Last week I attended a workshop which gave me some good practice with people I do not know anything about.

One of the tasks was for the readers to sit with a blind fold over their eyes so they would not know who was sitting in front of them.  To communicate, the sitter would have to tap on the readers knee, once for a “yes”, twice for a “no” and three times for “I do not understand”.  There was to be no spoken communication between sitter and reader, ensuring the sitter relied purely on their spiritual link and just gave out the evidence they were receiving. 

When it was my turn to sit, I was nervous but also a little excited as I had never done this before.

As I sat staring into the darkness of my blindfold, I searched for someone in spirit to come forward.  I was aware of an older lady, a tiny and thin looking woman who wanted to connect to the person that would be sitting in front of me.

When I got the tap to say my sitter was there and I was ok to start, before I even opened my mouth, in my mind’s eye I saw a man on his motorbike race around a corner on a country lane and come off, killing him instantly.  I knew he needed to speak before the older woman.

I blurted out “can you take a man in spirit who died on his motorbike?” and then received a reassuring one tap on the knee.  I was taken a back, I had never had a link come in so fast.

I decided to ask the guy to show himself a bit more to me.  I saw him stand up tall, in his full leathers and take off his helmet.  He had broad shoulders, he looked around thirty-five and had stubble on his chin and very short hair or a balding head.

I knew from his broad shoulders that he was a dependable man.  He felt like a family man, a gentle nature, the type of man that was loyal to friends and family, he could be relied upon.

I spent some time talking about him and once the reading was over and I took off my blind fold, my sitter gave me some feedback.

She was incredibly grateful as this chap had never come through before to a medium.  She told me he was her first boyfriend, who died when they were teenagers.  He was riding his motorbike on a country road and came off at speed, hitting a tree and dying instantly.

As much as I was thrilled that my sitter could take this lovely chap, I was perplexed. I had seen him as thirty-something man, not a teenager.  Had I put this image to him?  No, I hadn’t, he was too clear in my mind’s eye. 

I’m so sure that he showed me the man he would have grown into if he had the chance on Earth, after all, we are always the same person, even though we can change and evolve throughout our human journey.

This young man would have grown into a tall strapping one, he probably would have had a family and would have been all those things that I was picking up on.  Because that was the essence of who he was, regardless of if he made it any longer on this Earth, because his spirit is still around, he hasn’t ceased to carry on.

I feel this is a good point to think about.  When you were born, even though you were a vulnerable, innocent child, you were always YOU.  Your spirit has always been, is always here and will not go anywhere.  The true essence of your soul is eternal. 

When we die, yes, we leave this physical shell of a body, but our spirit still exists and it can manifest exactly how it wants to, be it a human, or a butterfly or a bird.  That is the power of energy and the power of the spirit.

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