My Crystal Vibration

Ah crystals, the beautiful, eye catching, sparkling little or big gems that seem to be the billboard of all things spiritual – can you even call yourself a New Ager if you don’t know your Rose Quartz from your Obsidian?

I’m being facetious of course, simply because I have a confession to make.  I love crystals for their aesthetic beauty, but I have never really connected to them the way I have seen others do.

I do observe at times an almost obsessive nature from others towards these enigmatic chunks of pure Earth lava and feel a bit out of the club because I’m just not feeling it like everyone else.  I have a copy of the Crystal Bible which I do consult on occasion, but I rarely find myself getting all excited like a kid in a sweet shop when I go to the crystal stall at the market (unlike at Tarot shops, but that is a different story).

I am Reiki attuned to Master level, yet I admit, apart from placing the chakra colour crystals on the couch pre-reiki session because they look calming, I don’t use them in my healing experience (well let’s say, I haven’t noticed anything different).

I do understand how energy works (I can FEEL vibrations from my hands when doing a healing treatment) so I am not saying that crystals are not powerful, I have just never really connected in a way that others do.

Until recently, something changed that.  I had my first connection with a crystal, and it came by complete surprise.

It was my daughters tenth birthday and I had bought her a clear quartz ball crystal on a leather necklace cord.  She absolutely loved it and wanted to wear it on that day’s shopping trip into town.  The cord was a bit temperamental, and I tried my hardest to make sure the knot was secure (you can see where this is going….).

Off we went to H&M, her favourite shop and after spending most of her birthday money, we set off out of the shop into the crowds to walk to Star Bucks.

As we stepped out of H&M, my daughter put her hand to her chest realising that her necklace was no longer there.  She looked panic stricken, I told her not to worry, we would calmly cover our tracks back up to the kids section of the clothes shop.

As we reached the top of the escalator, I somehow knew where to walk, as if some invisible line of energy was pulling me toward the lost crystal.

I spied the black cord poking out from under the till, and there I could just make out the gleam of the clear quartz ball, sitting snugly under the till cabinet on the ground. 

As I swiftly reached down to snatch up my daughter’s prized possession, something very odd happened.  I felt a charge of energy emanate from the crystal and spike right up my arm, the same sensation I have when I practice reiki.

There was no doubt in my mind, the crystal had made a connection to us, and it was almost relieved that we had found it, the sensation was so real, so strong and I was shocked.

As I tied it back around her neck (this time double knotting!), I had a new found respect for crystals.  It is almost like they have a conscience (I appreciate how weird that sounds) but seriously, they appear to be vibrating with an intelligence that I had never given them credit for before.

So perhaps now my enthusiasm for crystals will deepen, and I will begin to work with them respectfully and appreciate that they are more than simply a beautiful object that I have on my shelf.

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2 thoughts on “My Crystal Vibration”

  1. That’s so interesting to read. I have always felt the same about Crystal’s. Today Arthur wanted to go and but some (he’s been buying and collecting them for years), his collection is impressive. Today I was drawn to one in particular and had to buy it, golden quartz apparently.

    1. Hi Emma, I really do love how children are so drawn to crystals in this generation, they are becoming so spiritually aware from such a young age! See how you get on with your new crystal – it might be the start of your own collection now! 😉

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