The Intuition Of Children

I have always known that children are not born with the filters that most of us adults have.  They are completely open to their senses, receiving new experiences daily, they trust in all that they can see, feel, and touch and do not question things.  Therefore, they are ideal candidates to feel and see spirits.

I have read countless stories of parents explaining how their child had seen a strange phenomenon or talked about a past life in depth.  I, as a child grew up hearing voices and seeing and sensing a host of unusual things.  Luckily for me, my weird stuff continued into adulthood, and I decided to make a career out of it, but I know that most of us loose our ability to connect to spiritual energy once logic, reasoning and materialism begins to take hold.

I am also aware that psychic and mediumistic ability appears to run in families.  So, I did wonder, when my little girl was a baby, if she would inherit the gene?  I think she may well have done.

My daughter Ariane, who is now ten years old, began seeing aura when she was very small, around four years old.  She can see full on colour aura around people at school and often says how she just sits and watches reds, blues, and pinks dance around the room during class time.

During a recent visit to the opticians, the ophthalmologist asked her if she ever experienced visual disturbances.  My daughter was keen to tell her about the colours however, sensing puzzlement on the lady’s face, I quickly butted in to tell her not to worry, this is a “family thing” (yes, she probably thinks we are all nuts!).

I have told Ariane to try and build on her aura seeing by trusting it and not over thinking.  If she can see colour like this now, it can only improve and is very exciting (I could only see white aura and have only just began seeing fragments of colour at forty-one years old!).

Ariane has clearly seen the spirit of my sister’s mother-in-law in our garden, and followed it by describing in detail what the lovely lady was wearing.  When I relayed this information back to my sisters father-in-law, he confirmed that his late wife had the exact outfit that Ariane described.

Recently, Ariane told me something that really did excite me.  She said that when she glanced over to another student during class time, she saw what looked like a human eye in the middle of his forehead, just above the brow-bone.  The eye was looking at her and it blinked before disappearing.

I nearly fell off my chair at this news.  She had clearly seen the third eye, but like a real human eye.  Ariane doesn’t really know much at all about chakra’s and how they work, so this was a completely innocent comment but held so much information!  Even though I very well know there is a third eye there, the fact she saw it was so exciting!

It is as if she had a glimpse of the energetic body for a split second, reminding us that its very much there and if we wish to develop our intuition and psychic ability, just visualize that third eye opening, you are not going crazy if you do this – she saw the third eye as plain as day!

I am excited for Ariane’s further development with her intuitive abilities.  I suppose it helps that she comes from a mother who reads tarot cards daily and lives and breathes intuitive practice, but I have a feeling one day she will be able to teach me a thing or too!

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