The Tarot Fours; Resting

When I am not sure about what to blog about, I ask my spirit guide for a prompt.  This week, after I asked him the question and shuffled my tarot cards, I pulled out;

The Four of Coins

The Four of Swords

The Four of Cups

The fours in tarot are a resting phase.  It is a time where the energy flow comes to a halt, in this case, mentally, emotionally, and physically.

Do you recognise this phase?  A time where we don’t want to think about things, or we lose the motivation to go to the gym, or we simply can’t be bothered to find any motivation in much anymore?

The problem with this phase is that it’s like a hamster wheel, once you are in the cycle and begin peddling, it becomes hard to come off.

We hear ourselves and people say “I fell off the wagon” with good habits and then have this seemingly huge mountain to climb to get back on it.   

I believe that rest periods are very important for us on so many levels, but they need to be taken with the view that we will get back into our flow once we have regained some equilibrium.

Some people may spend a huge amount of their lifetime in the “fours”.  Habits may be so ingrained that they may not even be aware of how stuck their energy is.  Sadly, when one area of our life is stuck, for example mentally, it then has a knock on effect with our physical, emotional and spiritual layers.

I have been thinking deeply about certain cliches this year, such as “you only live once……….this is not a dress rehearsal…… is short”.

The reason why is because I know a lot of people who have died or are dying over the past two years.

It has really made me take stock of how important it is that we LIVE now. 

To me, living now isn’t about blowing all your savings on travelling the world (however if you want to do that – I’m not going to try and stop you!), it is about being alive in this very moment.

It means that you say “fu*k you!” to anxiety and worry about the future and sink into the peace that is this very moment.  Even if you have some big life changes going on or difficult life stuff around you, if you have this moment, this breath, this now, means that you have hope. It means you are living.

A simple walk outside and seeing the trees breathing is living.

Catching a wave of happiness from your child is living.

Feeling the gratitude of wearing clothes, eating food and having a blanket is living.

Connecting, expressing and viewing your life through love is living.

Appreciating whatever is going right, what is working in your life right now is living.

Getting excited about the small stuff like the book you are reading, the lunch you are going to have, the earrings you just put on is living.

Smiling at a stranger is living.

Giving and not expecting back is living.

It is about understanding that this life is precious.  It should be savoured and the only way to do that is to be here, now.  To accept that your life is exactly as it should be in this moment in time.

Yes, it might be a horrific phase right now.  You may have had a catalogue of awful phases.  But without the low points, the pain, the sadness, the grief, perhaps the not wanting to be here at all, without all that, you cannot shed another layer and grow into the new version of you.

Because that is what the Fours show us.  After we sleep, we get up and we start again.  We must do that, we must have hope, gratitude, and love for another day.  And if it doesn’t come today, have hope and trust that the feeling will come tomorrow.

We owe it to ourselves, this life, the people who love us, we owe it to them to keep climbing forward, and if we can’t do that physically, we do it with our hearts and minds.  

When we begin to focus forward, where our intention goes the energy will flow.  And in that energy are amazing ideas, people, places and stuff that hasn’t even happened yet and its exciting and new and beautiful…..but if we don’t seek it, we will never find it.

So enjoy the fours for a little while, but don’t stay there too long…..embrace the fives, renewed energy, action and most of all, renewed life!

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