Feels Like Autumn

During mid to late August, I can almost feel the turn of the season as we approach Autumn here in the Northern Hemisphere.

As I was hanging out my washing early this morning, I could feel the shift in the air and then thought about what energy I was feeling, what was changing to make me recognise my favourite season of the year?  What is intrinsically different from this feeling compared to mid-summer mornings?

The first thing is that there is a very slight chill to the air (hardly detectable during this droughty summer in the UK!), but it is certainly there.  The dewy dampness of the grass just feels like it holds more of a foreboding for the coming weeks.

The cob-webs on the garden plants and furniture let me know that the September spiders will soon be hanging around (I’m trying to be at peace with the dear Spider after years of fear, it’s getting easier as the time passes, but I’m still very much working on this…..).

Autumn feels early this year because the harsh hot and dry summer has scorched the garden leaves already, they have crisped up and fallen from the trees, providing a display of stunning chestnut colour in my garden.

Even the actions of others tell me subconsciously that the turn of the season is on its way.

People slow down just a little, garden routines change, there is a winding down and a sense of ease, as opposed to a gearing up and “getting ready”.  The sounds in the garden are changing, they are slower, more at ease….like they are letting go.

What does the turn of the season mean to you?

The autumn fall has been my favourite time of year, I believe since childhood.  Not only does it mean that my favourite celebrations are on the way (Halloween, then Bon Fire Night (my birthday!) or Christmas) but it is mostly because of the turn of the new academic year.

I feel that gives a sense of structure, new enthusiasm and goal setting, at a time when everything else in nature is beginning to harvest then closes itself down for winter.

For me personally I feel an energy around this time of year like no other.  Mother Earth is offering up the fruits of her labour and there is a time to take stock.  In September I love to batch cook healthy nutritious foods, like soups and casseroles, cutting back and using the healing herbs found in my garden. 

I move into a natural “hermit” phase, and it feels like the environment around me wants to do that too, just like nature itself.

Whatever the turn of a new season means to you, bring it into your practice of self-care.  Perhaps buy a new naturally scented candle to burn as the late summer nights drawer in a little earlier or reorganise your home to set a clear space for the coming cooler months.  An autumn clean is just as important as a spring one!

Spiritual self-care generally works in harmony with the seasons and autumn is an ideal time for you to get in touch with what really sings to your own vibrations.

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