Hello From Dad

Never in a million years did I ever see myself as a wedding entertainer, but on a warm and sunny July evening, I found myself as that very person at a local wedding recently.

I will be honest, this was my first wedding gig and I was a little nervous, more so because I didn’t want drunk people sitting at my table for their tarot readings.  This worry couldn’t have been further from the reality of the evening, as every single guest that sat down at my table was polite, interested and most of all, coherent! 

We started off on positive vibes (I had a quiet word with my spirit guide Blue before I started my session, I told him that this was a wedding, we can’t go too deep here so any messages need to be ones of upliftment and encouragement, which to be frank, they always are, but you catch my drift).

My spirit guide didn’t disappoint and together we managed to give some fantastic intuitive messages to the guests using the tarot. 

At any type of event, my readings are always psychic tarot readings.  I reframe from doing mediumship readings unless in a one-to-one setting.  The energy that one must hold during spirit links is so strong that I find it mentally challenging and exhausting to have client after client sit down in front of me for these types of sittings. 

So, when a lovely lady arrived at my table halfway through the wedding reception, I felt a small jolt as I heard the words “Say Peter” in my internal audio.  This, I knew, was a direct voice from a spirit connected to the lady.

I spoke back, in my mind, to Peter, telling him sorry, this is not mediumship, this is tarot guidance only (on reflection, how rude was I?! Poor guy).

But I stuck to my guns, and did a tarot spread for this very nice guest, as words of encouragement were really needed at that time in her life.  As the reading drew to its natural close, the lady asked me if I can connect to spirit?  She was the first person to ask me that, and it wasn’t lost on me that it was a coincidence that I heard Peter just as she sat down.  In fact, he was standing next to her the whole time we did the reading.  I felt it only appropriate to pass this information on.

“Well, yes, I can speak to spirit.  You have had a man here the whole time, it’s Peter?”.

In that very moment, my client burst into tears and was shaking her head in disbelief. 

“Peter is my dad, he died last year, I miss him terribly”.

A heat rose in my cheeks as I felt a rush of love – her dad had come along, just wanted to say hello, to tell me to “say Peter” to his daughter.

I told the lady that her dad was with her then, he had been the whole time, in fact, he always is.

My lovely client went back to her table, with disbelief but with a sense of peace in her energy.  You see, even though it was just a name, just a hello, it was enough, it was enough for her to know he is with her.

It was also a lesson learnt for me too.  Just because I didn’t want to do mediumship that night, doesn’t make it ok for me to ignore the spirit standing next to me if that is their only chance to say hello to their loved one who resides on this side of the veil.

So, thank you Peter, for coming through and letting your daughter know that you are here, always.

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  1. Love this….I can feel the emotion myself. So for the lady to know her dad is by her side must be wonderful 💞

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