Split Souls

The tarot teaches us that life is made up from just a few personality archetypes.  These are the fire types, filled with adventure, ambition and an unyielding urge to travel forward with spirit and courage.

Then there are the water ones, those that seek comfort and life’s luxuries, that indulge themselves in deeper feelings, staying close to those they feel need them or in fact, those that they need.

There are the earthly soldiers who toe the line, always showing up to fall into duty, serving others and themselves without question. 

There are the airy deep thinkers, the truth tellers, the debate starters, and the rational logical analysts of the world.

In between the main four, there are the healers, the magicians, the hermits, the mothers, fathers, spiritual leaders and narcissists. 

The tarot covers just about any human personality type you can think of.

Recently, this got me thinking.

The tarot is right, as people we generally fall into a type based on our core beliefs, opinions, experiences and values.

The reason why tarot is so easy to use (in my opinion) is because most humans fall within the four main tarot court suits, and once you describe the personality traits of the suit, the sitter will know intrinsically who you are talking about in their life, even though you have never even met the person you are describing.

Have you ever met someone that not only looks like someone you know but also has an uncanny resemblance with mannerisms and personality quirks with that person?  It is like they have been split at birth, a sister from another mister, a brother from another mother….a doppelganger.

How can there only be a certain amount of personality types, I ask myself?  And if we resemble others so much, does this mean that we are in fact, somehow connected on a deeper level?

What if, when we die, and we go back “home” it turns out that our soul is split into many spirit lines, attached to many human beings, living on the Earth concurrently, living different lives yet joined by the same soul……..?

What if it turns out, there are not billions of beings, but in fact, a mere few?  Just a room full of souls, and that is it.

When you meet someone who is on your “vibration” – the instant chemistry you get, the deep connection that you cannot explain…..are you simply just reaching out to someone who shares the same soul as you?

I read a lot about “twin flames”, the same soul that has been split in two and when you meet this person in life, it is like looking at a reflection of yourself.  Why does this have to be limited to just two splits in a soul?  What if there are many?

What if you have the same soul as your mother and daughter and understand that from an inner level because you know you are basically the same people but living separate lives?

I have always thought this about my own mother, that when she dies, she cannot go anywhere because she is so much a part of “me”.  And I am sure my daughter feels the same about our relationship.

Then there are the people we do not like, those that rub against our energy like sandpaper on skin.  They are certainly not part of our soul.  But….are they there to help us grow, to allow us to experience different vibrations and how to react to situations in order to experience life in a physical Universe?

So perhaps when you next bump into a person that reminds you so much of another friend, or find yourself gravitating in conversation with a stranger like you are old friends, just perhaps, you are actually conversing with yourself, a split in your soul, waiting to eventually join back together again.

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