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Therapy can come in many shapes and sizes, but the beauty of spiritual therapy is that it often shifts a lot of unwanted energy so subtly, we hardly even notice it happening.

As I practice both Reiki and Tarot Readings, I get the privilege to use two different modalities to help my clients.

Reiki has a powerful yet gentle way of moving blocks of energy that are stuck in our aura.  It wasn’t until I really began to connect with the different energetic chakra systems that I could visualise what some clients are holding on to from an auric perspective.

For example, I would often see giant scissors cutting a relationship in half when I stood above my clients heart chakra, telling me in an instant that there was a painful breakup in the past and my client is still holding on to that sad energy.

Energy does leave an imprint within our existence (otherwise how else can we read psychic energy?). 

If we suffer trauma, or hold on to stress without releasing it in a constructive way, it begins to build within our auric layers and not only gets caught within the emotional, mental and spiritual layers of ourselves, it will eventually begin to manifest as a physical ailment.

I find it incredible that most people (including myself) can trace an illness or condition back to a cause that happened within each of the chakra points (for example, the stress of a job move could coincide with bad knee pain from the base chakra or prolonged asthma or sore throats from not expressing how we are feeling from the throat chakra).

Reiki will help these blocks to lift and will provide temporary yet eventual continuous relief (if practiced for long enough) from a host of emotional and physical conditions (as the two are almost always interlinked).

A Tarot Reading is another powerful spiritual therapy because it gives me, the reader, the chance to unpick the blocked layers with more detail.

Like traditional talking therapy but with its own unique spiritual twist, a good reader will talk about your life like it is an open chapter in a very interesting book.  The reader is the guide in the sitting, ensuring the reading connects with the clients own intuition.

The reader will look back at a summary of what lead you to where you are on your current path and will delve into that current chapter to see where the story is going to take you.

The next chapters are again a summary of energy (as the reality hasn’t happened yet!) and will offer up the potential of where the story could go.

Last week I had a client that had some incredible business potential in her energy.  It was far removed from her current life position, and she asked me if she could really achieve it?  I told her, of course she could, because if it wasn’t in her potential, it would never have been shown to me.  On a deeper level, my client knew she had this potential also.

I believe that spiritual therapy should be used alongside traditional methods as well as complementary treatments, as it provides the client with a mixed bag of fantastic tools to help navigate their life with.

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