The Energy Web

I recently read a fantastic analogy of how we are all linked together energetically. 

Imagine a spider’s web.  You are at the centre; you are the spider.  The web you bounce on is the energy web.  Every strand is linked to another strand, in turn linking to smaller or larger strands that reach out as far as the eye can see.  Some might say these strands are never ending.

Every time you create a spark of energy (be it a thought, decision, movement, word, or something else) the spiders web vibrates just a little bit, sending a tremor along and pulsating to the nearest strands, getting stronger or weaker depending on the direction that it flows.

If you do something big, the ripples are wide and far reaching.  If you do something small, they are not quite as visible, yet they are there, nonetheless.  

And like a web, whatever you “send out” when you vibrate on the web, comes right back to you in the centre.  Every single tremor is felt and accounted for.  

If there is someone that you have connected with, any type of relationship in your life, that person sits on your web somewhere.  Your friends and family members are closest to you and the acquaintances and distant friends, or family are further along the web.  But still joined to you, as they once touched your energy.

Every time you think about someone, you create a charge in your own personal energy system that begins to vibrate your web.  If you love or like that person, the web vibrates at a higher rate and quickly shoots a signal along the web thread to the person you are thinking about.  In some context, they will pick up on this signal from you.  The likely hood is they will think of you too (if you are very close).

If you are not too close, a signal will still vibrate out to the person in question.  They may notice their web tingling, but will not know why, or who, it is from.  The more you think about this person, the more your web vibrates to them.  They will then vibrate along with it and at some point in time you will bump into this person, believe me and trust that this is the case.

Obviously if you have never met the person (like a famous film star) the chances of your web reaching their web is very slim indeed however, anything on your web that connects that person to you, such as fan clubs, or merchandise opportunities, will be vibrating along with you.  So, you will inevitable drawer in “things” connected to the person along your web.

This is exactly how law of attraction works.  Imagine all the things you want to manifest sit somewhere on your web. Once you start to vibrate on their strand, at some point, you are going to drawer them to you.

This also counts for the things, or people, that you do not want in your life anymore.  If you keep on pinging the web strand, you are just going to be knocking on their energy door again and again.

How do you disconnect from them?  You must try to reduce the vibrational tremors along your web to theirs (you can even severe the tie if you desperately have too by performing an intention ritual to cut your connection).

Here is how you reduce your vibrational connection to someone on your web;

  • Try not to think of the person (this is difficult I know), but even a thought sends out an energy single to someone on your web.  
  • Do not talk about them, this is even more powerful than thinking.  Talking gives a sound wave which in turn makes the vibration even stronger, which will vibrate rapidly on their strand.
  • Unfollow, disconnect and block all social connections.
  • Place your energy intention along other lines on your web, making your connection to the person weaker and weaker until eventually the web line is so frail, it eventually breaks and forms another web link with someone else.

If we use the energy web analogy in every aspect of our lives, we can see how we can use the law of attraction to not only bring in the things we want, but to also reduce the amount of things we do not want to manifest, on a more negative vibrational level.

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