The Power Of The Hex…Part 2

The Power Of The Hex….Part 2

Last week I blogged about a small (unintentional) hex that I put on an unsuspecting useless man.  Read here if you need a recap.

I promised I would tell you about what happened when I really did put a hex on someone, with full intention behind it.  So here it is.

Just over a year ago I was in a minor car crash.  It was absolutely thumping down with rain on a cold Tuesday morning, I was pulling out of a parking space with limited viewing capacity, and I hit an oncoming car.  This accident was totally my fault.  The speed the other car driver was going, in the rain, on a residential street with school kids everywhere, was not.

I got out of my vehicle to speak to the driver whose car had just smashed into mine (the sound was revolting!) and, as I tried to peer through my hoody under the torrential downpour that was in motion, apologised and yet at the same time questioned why they were driving that fast in these adverse weather conditions? 

Sadly, the rest of the “conversation” is a blur, as all I heard from the tall blond female was a barrage of insults.  She was practically screaming at me, jumping around from foot to foot like a boxer about to punch her opponent.  The intuitive part of me felt like she enjoyed it a little bit too much…….luckily the heavy rain on my face hid my tears (although it was probably obvious, I couldn’t speak because she was cutting me down and wouldn’t let me).  So much for female solidarity.  

So, there I was being verbally attacked by the driver and it was awful.  She was swearing, shouting, being a vile excuse of a human being and was one hundred percent on the defence.  If anything spells guilty it is when someone tries to detract from the error of their ways.

Luckily the woman’s adult son was present and as he apologised to me with his eyes and gave me a thought of “I’m sorry she is always like this” (the power of being a mind reader, I could literally hear his thoughts), he put an arm around my shoulder, and human shielded me from her to proceed with taking care of the car insurance details (had he done this before?).

Once she had finally got in her car and driven off (lucky her, my car LIMPED the two-minute drive back home), a passer-by stopped me and said that my verbal abuser was known in the community for speeding.  That one day she could really hurt even herself or someone else….

I was furious.  I took full responsibility that I pulled out on her, but her speeding in the rain (that can never be proven) and the absolute nastiness that she threw at me, well it was uncalled for.

After I had got home, had a cup of tea, called my husband (crying), called the nicest insurance man I had ever spoken too (cried some more), I sat and thought about the woman.

Woe betide the one who crosses the witch…………….I was so angry.

Before I knew what I was doing, I was grabbling paraphernalia from the alter.  Candles (of every colour), a burning bowl, a mirror, a pen and paper, a lighter, maybe some incense.  I can’t remember, all I know is that there was a lot of stuff and before I knew it I had cast a circle and had written out my full intention on the paper.

Now, I must add at this point, I have never done anything like this before.  I would also like to add that no female in my life had ever gotten in my face with such vulgarity that literally rendered me speechless.  I wanted this woman to see the error of her ways.

I did not want to hurt her though.  But I did want her to understand that if she carried on behaving that way, she is going to hurt herself or others.

So that was what I cast.  My intention was that in every way that she belittled me that day, the fact she was speeding, her lack of regard for other parents and children (it was on the school run!) – all that bad, negative energy would turn back on her three-fold.  I cast the spell, I burnt it, I blew the candles out and then….I forgot about it.

Until three months later.  I received a message from a friend and there in black and white was a social media post from the speeding maniac, thanking the man that had helped her after her car crash that morning.

Sitting open mouthed I remembered my hex (and side noted that her insurance premiums must be HUGE from this point forward).  This crash was a bad one.  It sounded like a head on from both directions at speed.  She was in the car, as was her son (again, poor chap).  This time her car was smashed in and she required a 12 hour hospital stay.  She / they were lucky to walk away.  

Now here is the billion-dollar question.  Did my hex cause the crash or did she?  My answer to that is that she did.  BUT I put A LOT of intention behind her finding out the hard way.  I willed her to understand that she couldn’t carry on driving like an idiot.  I truly believe that this final crash showed her that she was on thin ice.

So, I feel no guilt about this hex, yet, I would never do it again.  Every intention is so much better charged with love, not hate.

So, before you cast the words, or throw the bad vibes someone’s way, maybe think about how powerful your energy is and it can shape things.

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