Anxiety & The Universe

Managing signs from the universe and our own personal anxiety/fears can be a bit of a balancing act.  On a personal level, not only have I had some incredible signs, messages and gut feelings from the Universe which have no doubt helped and shaped my life, I have also suffered from chronic anxiety since a small child.

This can make life very tricky.  Questions such as, “is this a sign from my higher self or am I catastrophizing here?” often come into my thought patterns.  

More rationally minded experts might say that I should ignore my gut and go with facts, figures, and statistics.  But it isn’t quite that easy shutting down the more intuitive side of you when not only do you have psychic and mediumistic ability, but you also work within it in a professional capacity.

It is my job to pick up on energy and then build a story around the information I receive, using my intuition.  This is the opposite of what an anxious person should probably do.  As building a story around unknown facts can be scary and harmful to their mental health.   

I have found when reading for other people, because it is a purely objective exercise and I have no knowledge or deep emotional attachment to their situation, I can read very well and purely from intuition. 

However, when I read for myself, it is almost always skewed with my own emotional bias and subjectivity.

It has taken me some years to arrive at the fact that if I trust in the universe unconditionally, then this is the very best way to help control my racing thoughts.

Sitting in the moment, accepting today for how it is, and saying a silent “thank you universe” is how I trust it.  

I look at myself as split into two halves.  The first half is the physical person that my family and friends know and love.  My second half is my higher self, the one that is connected within the universe (and beyond!).  This is the half that will always have my best interests at heart and will help guide me along my life path.  When I am addressing the universe, I am addressing my second half.

So, I trust that my second, higher self has it all worked out for me.  I trust that if, say, something is not working in my life (whether that be a person or situation or state of mind) then I ask my higher self to remove it from my vibration.

My human, anxious mind may tell me that something might not work out in the future and begin to try making me anxious about that eventuality happening today.  However, when I feel these scary feelings coming in, I have now learnt to check in with my higher self.

I remember that I trust the universe so much that if something wasn’t working in line with my highest good, then I would have got the nudge by now.  Worrying about it doesn’t mean it is happening NOW.

What are the nudges that you might get from the universe/your higher self that you should potentially be listening too?  Here are a few I can think of;

  • You feel unhappy and don’t know why, there is no one reason (something is out of balance in one of your four pillars: emotional health / spiritual health / mental health / physical health)
  • A relationship ends beyond your control 
  • You feel like you want to end a relationship
  • You want a new job / you get made redundant / you don’t get the job/promotion you went for 
  • You keep having accidents or chronic bad health 
  • You keep losing money 
  • You do not feel motivated 
  • You self-neglect with bad, unhealthy practices 
  • Someone comes into your life again 
  • Someone new comes into your life and shakes it 
  • You decide to put in new boundaries 
  • You decide to cut those off that are causing you harm

The list really is endless in terms of picking up on these subtle “signs” from your higher self.  Repetition is also important to look out for, if the same message keeps coming in front of you, then your higher self is really trying to get it into you that something must change.

If your mind is on repeat telling you that something will go wrong, yet it is ok in the moment, then that is anxiety, not our higher self.

If on the other hand you have a deep, gut feeling that something is out of balance, live in the moment, take each day as it comes and if you then begin to see changes that happen around you, then you know you are trusting the universe and you are accepting you are just in the right place, just at the right time.

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