A Ghost In The Prayer Room

Following on from last week’s blog (A ghost called Michael), I have more tales of the paranormal to write about.  On the same week as my own strange encounters, I received a voice memo from a lovely friend and client who had experienced her own brush with a ghost in her place of work.

My friend works for a charity at a Methodist Church, and usually eats her lunch in the prayer room.  On this particular day, my friend was in the toilet and saw her colleague who told her that she herself had put her lunch in the prayer room and as she walked out, she said she had seen a black ghostly figure that sort of whooshed past her toward the prayer room (the door was shut after she had been in there).  

The day before this happened, my friend was in the prayer room alone when on two occasions she flinched to the left because she thought she saw a dark figure walk past the door.  At the time, she didn’t think it was anything, however as soon as her friend mentioned what she had just witnessed, my friend realised they may have seen the same black figure.  Interestingly, they both felt the figure was female.  

A bit later, they were discussing it some more when my friend mentioned to her colleague that the ghost that she saw had a short black blob hairstyle.  Her colleague, with a puzzled expression then replied, “I didn’t tell you earlier she had a black bob, that’s exactly what I saw”.  They both got goosebumps as they realised, they had seen the same female figure.

I feel that they did indeed see a ghost in the prayer room.  It is interesting how they both knew she had a black bob but only saw a black figure walk past.  I feel this is because they could telepathically see the ghost.  This is often how people see ghostly figures (with their third eye) but don’t realise it at the time and that explains why ghost are often seen as a “trick of the mind” by sceptics.  What they are experiencing is a form of clairvoyance from a physical energetic apparition.

A quick word on the difference between ghosts and spirits.  A ghost is like an energetic photograph that has been stamped in time.  If a human being does exactly the same thing every day or has a very happy / sad traumatic response to something in their living life, it can leave a sort of energy print within our own dimension.   This will explain why some people see the same ghost at the same time in the same place every year.  The ghost is not actually there, but the energetic memory is.  

A spirit on the other hand is a conscious being living on the other side of the veil from our earthly physical experience.  A spirit can be communicated with via a medium, a ghost cannot.  A spirit has found a way to penetrate our earthly dimension and therefore communication is possible.  A spirit can move objects and physically manifest into insects and animals, temporarily (a little bit like shape shifting, think about the many examples of how a robin or butterfly has interacted with a grieving human).  

I believe the reason why a spirit shows up more around a prayer room, church or cemetery is because the human beings that are in these places generally have a clear intent with an open mind to reach out to the “dead”.  This is exactly how a medium works.  They sit in a quiet space, with an open heart and mind with a clear intention to make communication.  Because their third eye and crown chakra has been worked on to be “open”, messages begin to flood in.

People that are not mediums, still have an open mind and open heart and their vibrations are raised when they are in places of worship or where they are remembering or missing a loved one, hence why spirits will be able to reach their vibration in these places and show up (a spirit must lower their own energetic vibration and we must raise ours to meet in the middle).

I really enjoyed hearing about my friend’s experience in the pray room. 

If you have ever had your own ghostly encounter, I would love to hear about, just message me at tanyashortenergyreader@gmail.com.

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