When my little girl was around three years old and would fall asleep at bedtime, on occasion, something strange would happen.  It was like she was in a trance, her eyes slightly open, yet I could tell she was asleep.  

I don’t know what prompted me to do it, but one time, as I watched her sleeping like this, in my mind I said “Ariane can you smile?”.  To my utter amazement, a few seconds later, the ends of her lips turned up into a small smile.  

Astonished, I asked another request in my mind, could she lift her right arm?  I had to wait a little longer for this, probably around a minute, however as requested, she slowly, but very surely, lifted her right arm.

This was a regular experiment of mine which made me certain that whilst Ariane sleeps, she can pick up on my thoughts telepathically.

This shouldn’t be a surprise to me.  Telepathy is how I communicate with spirit, after all.  It is how we all communicate with each other once we pass on to the other side too (using a voice box via sound vibration is a very physical thing, on a purely fast energetic level, we don’t need to do it anymore).

As Ariane grew, I sort of forgot about the telepathy until very recently, we had to share a bed during our house relocation.

I have already posted about the strange ghostly encounters of staying back at my old home that I grew up in (you can read about it here).  Something very odd happened with Ariane whilst she and I were both asleep in my old bedroom.

In my sleep, I became aware that I was dreaming (a lucid dream, which happens to me from time to time).  In the dream, I saw a sentence in my mind, that read “the field is green”.  

As soon as I saw the words in the dream, I heard Ariane mumble in her sleep “The field is green”.

I then started to “come too” but was still in a sleep state when I saw some more words “the sky is deep blue”, then, I heard Ariane shift around and slowly mumble “the sky is deep blue”.

By the third sentence, I had awoken fully and this time, I physically watched Ariane as she spoke the words that I had dreamt about in my head just seconds earlier.  I must have lay there for what felt like ages trying to make sense of what had just happened.  

When I told my husband, he had a solid and sound explanation that sometimes our brains play tricks on us as we sleep, so perhaps Ariane was saying the sentences, but I thought I had dreamt it first.  I beg to differ, as it did not feel that way.

Another example of the above is that we have had these experiences during waking hours.  I have lost count of how many times I have been thinking of someone / a story / something random that has had no correlation to any conversation we had beforehand, and Ariane has started talking about it as if she was in on my thoughts.

In my experience and opinion, telepathy is a real thing and with practice we can do it, sometimes it also happens by accident, the key is to be open to all possibilities!

Until next time,


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