Black Cats & Crows

The archetypal symbol of the witch spirit animal seems to be black cats and/or crows.  And as much as I hate a cliché, I have to say that my connection with these two animals even surprises me.

I don’t own a black cat (sadly, my husband is not a fan) but I used to have one that lived across the street from me, opposite my tarot reading room.  I have often posted on social media about how this little black cat would turn up just before a reading, in my eye view, like a nod from somewhere, reminding me that I was just about to perform something a bit special (let’s face it, tarot reading is magical in its own right!).

The black cat would cross my path from time to time as I drove into my street.  This, is lucky (the same thing happened right before my driving test in 1998….I’m pleased to say I passed with flying colours, even though I almost put the examiner through a brick wall on parking, yes I know, I was astonished too), contrary to popular opinion.

With regards to the black crow, I would often sit at lunch time surrounded by them on the park bench, as I ate my sandwich and shared it willingly.  Yes, I received some hard stares from passer-by’s, probably wondering how the hell I felt comfortable with these black squawkers as friends.  But we enjoyed each other’s company and I wasn’t afraid of them.  I find crows to be intelligent birds with a beauty all of their own.

When it was time to move house, I was sad to say goodbye to the black cat that I would see almost daily and my black crow friends at lunch, however, it was time to embrace pastures new.

I’ve now been living at my cottage for around two months.  This morning, as I was walking back from dropping my daughter at her local primary school, I smiled at the school mums who are currently strangers to me.

I thought to myself “perhaps one of these ladies might be a future client one day?”…..and just as that thought escaped me, my eyes were drawn to a small black cat sitting across the road.

I crossed the road and made my way toward it, as it sat upright and glared right at me with the most stunning green piercing eyes.

I didn’t have to wait long as I approached him, the black cat came up to my leg and nudged into my calf for a head rub.  I stroked his little head and he meowed, looked right up into my eyes then playfully nipped my thumb with his tiny jaw.  At the exact moment, I heard a bird squark over my head.  Glancing upwards, I saw a large crow flying above me. 

I smiled to myself as I walked away.  Perhaps those ladies might be my future clients after all……

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