When going through stressful times of change, I feel its important to remember that we are being guided and helped by our spirit team, even if it is not as obvious as we would like.

Going through the nine-month buying process to move to my new home, I was lucky enough to recognise regular signs of encouragement from my guide.

Pretty much as soon as we put the offer in for our new cottage, I began noticing screws or nails on the ground.  They were everywhere, on the school run, on my dog walk, a quick nip to the shops, I couldn’t help but notice rusty old nails or long screws as my feet kicked along the ground.

I began to realise that every time I saw a nail or screw, I was being reminded that to build the dream we wanted, we had to take it brick by brick, screw by screw.  Sometimes the going got tough, we lost two buyers, we had no viewings, we thought we would lose our cottage.  But every time there was a setback, the next day I would be greeted with a loose nail sitting on the pavement, waiting to grab my attention.  I kept telling myself to not give up.

A few weeks after we finally moved into our cottage, I took Ariane for lunch at a little deli café in the next village to ours.  I had almost forgotten about the nail sign until I noticed something brassy coloured on the pavement in front of me as we approached the café.

On this day I was feeling so happy because I knew we had made it, finally, after months of hard work.  So, when I saw the largest nail I had ever seen, literally cemented into the pavement in front of me, I knew this was a very strong sign that spirit wanted to let me know that I (we) were now rooted, fixed in the place that we will call home for the future.  

Since seeing that nail, stuck in the ground like that, I haven’t seen one since!  I just loved how I was always reminded to keep going.

Always know that we are all guided in our own special way, so do look out for the signs, symbols, feelings and just the knowing that you are being looked after and the Universe has your back.

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