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Would the human race act differently if it was a known fact that there is another life after death?  Would the Earth be a better place to live?

If you could ask every single human being if they have ever had any type of unexplainable/mysterious/paranormal/highly coincidental experience in their lives, I reckon a good 95% would say yes.

But even if this is the case, why am I so bothered by it?  I guess for me, it’s all-consuming, it really is.  Here’s what my life is like, perhaps other psychic mediums may / may not feel the same, but this is what it’s like for me on a day to day basis:

I think about death and spirits about 90% of my day.  I can’t help this.  I constantly have my head here and there too.  When I say there, I mean that I get dead people pop up into my thoughts a lot.  This is involuntary on my part.  At the moment, I have a young woman that recently died, it was a shock to everyone.  My mum knew her mum years ago.  Since the young woman died, she pops up about three times a day.  I know it’s because she is reaching out to any medium that might help her connect with her mum who is still alive.

When I meet people for the first time, I read their aura & at times, feel like I know what others are thinking.  I do wonder if this is just non-vocal body language that everyone reads, but I feel as sharp as a button on this.  A couple of times in my life I’ve answered questions to family members when they haven’t spoken a word, they have just thought about something and I’ve joined in on their thought.

I saw a really good medium called Jeff Philips who looked a bit freaked out when he read for me.  “You can mind read…….very clever…….yes, you read others minds?  Very interesting….” He looked at me like I was guilty of something and even made me feel a little bad!

I get huge surges of excited energy build up.  Seriously, I get excited about things that I don’t even know about yet.  It’s like something so good is about to happen, I have no idea what, but its amazing and gives me an incredible feeling of peace.  I also get this in a creative sense too.  Like I just want to go and write a book or start a painting.  Its like I have all this stuff that I want to share with everyone……

I can feel the colour of people’s auras when I put my hands on them for Reiki.  Greens for empaths and healers, yellows for positives and optimists, pinks for social butterflies, blues for pragmatic and practical, cold for down/low and black for depressed……..

I now talk to Blue (my guide) on a daily basis, every night in fact.  I ask him to let me know once he is here (clearly, I’m pulling him away from his higher dimensional frequency – it takes about 30 seconds) and I get the familiar stroking feeling on my cheek.  Then I ask him questions and he answers with visions, song names, words and my memory bank.  If he doesn’t want to tell me (its not in my best interest to know) I get a blank.  He is funny and jokes with me a lot and my impatience is actually a source of humour for him.

How do I know he is called Blue and how do I know who he is?  I will write about that in another blog,

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Author: Tanya

I am a working Medium, Psychic Tarot Reader, Coach & Holistic Therapist. My passion is developing my spiritual experiences and most of all, sitting with people and contacting their loved ones who have passed to spirit. Come on the journey with me!

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