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I was recently talking to a lovely client during our one to one Law Of Attraction course and we stumbled upon something that both did and actually did not surprise us in equal measure.  How many people do you know of, have had a dream or vision about their future and actually set out and achieved it, before giving up in the process or worse still, not even starting?  We figured that the number of not starting is probably the highest.

There has to be a reason for that.  It also depends on what the person’s idea of a dream is, to me, it isn’t necessarily something of material worth.  It’s about a personal achievement of me actively making something happen that I have thought about often, that has filled me with excitement, passion and most of all, purpose.  Success is not a measurement of how much stuff or money you have, success is a measurement of how happy and content you feel in yourself and your life and if you don’t’ feel that, success is about doing something about it.

Is it ever too late to try and achieve your dream?  Perhaps if you are 87 and really wanted to run the marathon and have never run in your life, perhaps, but for most things, I don’t think it is ever too late to change how you feel and look at your life, to achieve a sense of happiness and fulfilment that perhaps you didn’t before.

I am fortunate in that I have always been very goal orientated (and good at visulising what I want), I am motivated and my will power isn’t’ too bad (depending on what it is for!) so having all these attributes do help me to try and reach for what I want in life, however, it can also have its downside in that the pressure I put on myself is very strong and I can find failure hard to swallow although I must say I now see it as the learning curve in which it is, the most important thing is always getting back on the horse.

If you find there is something in your life that you have thought about but haven’t’ started or haven’t fully achieved yet, I want to give you some small tips on what I do to stay in the flow of productivity with my plans, especially when day to day stuff comes into play, outside influences and even things like hormones that stop you feeling your mojo:

Get Excited

If it doesn’t fill your heart with a burst of enthusiasm, joy and passion, was it ever a dream in the first place?  The feeling of wanting something so much should be your main driver when trying to achieve something.  Feelings add a power to thoughts that can be very strong indeed.  If you have a burning desire to do something, be hell bent on that dream and don’t’ let any negative talk down (from yourself or others) ever get in your way.  You have to be determined!


Build A Vision Board

Create a board that has pictures, images and quotes of what you want to achieve and place it somewhere you can see it each day.  You will be amazed at how this helps you to bring in your vision faster.  When you see something every day, the thing you want, it makes you feel so good and it encourages you to “feel” about it, not only “think” about it.

Do A Little Every Day

To achieve your goal, you must show up every single day, even if it’s just for 30 minutes. Showing up means doing something toward your goal that will help create opportunities towards it and showing up also means that you must have the confidence to take the opportunities when they present themselves.  Comfort zone and dream achievement are rival enemies by the way.  Nothing is going to fall into your lap, you must go to it.

Be Kind On Yourself

Yes, there is no denying that being an optimistic and happy person helps you in life but we cannot have this mindset everyday, if fact I would go so far to say that if you do not feel negative emotions from time to time then that isn’t actually healthy. No-one is perfect, we are human and we should be feeling a range of emotions.  It’s how you pull yourself back up that is important but do have compassion on yourself if you have a day or days that you can’t be bothered, just promise that you will show up again once you are feeling better.

Appreciate the Contrast

If you haven’t got what you want yet, don’t focus on the lack of what you don’t have, appreciate what you do have, feel gratitude for all your many blessings.  Appreciating the contrast means that you are kind on yourself, you make realistic deadlines and don’t expect Rome to be built in a day.    Track the progress you do make and applaud yourself for that, once you are in the energy of creating your dreams, you will be amazed at what the Universe provides to help push them into reality.

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Tanya Short

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Who am I?  I am Tanya, an almost 40-year-old psychic medium, professional tarot reader, reiki master and author.  I run a Holistic Practice at my home town in Essex and I love to teach the Positive Law Of Attraction and to write about my really awesome experiences during my crazy yet amazing spiritual journey!  Find me at: (FB: @OraHolisticWellbeing) (FB: @Tanya’sTarot)

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