My Great-Nan

I, like most people, never met my nan’s mother.  This wasn’t because she was too old when I was born (well I guess she would have been), but apparently, she left my nan when she was just a girl, to be with another man who she later had another daughter with (the scandals of our rich and interesting history!).  This is all I know about her, I don’t’ even know her name.  My nan never spoke of her, to me or my own mum.  It was hard for my nan to be the one left to bring up the other girls, she became like a mum as a teenager, picking up where her mum left off, never really forgiving her in the process.

So, I did find it interesting last week when, out of nowhere, I had one of my very vivid dreams, where my nan turned up and we had a chat.

“I want to introduce you to someone,” she said.  “Ok”, I replied.

“This is my mother, your great-nan” and as she said it, a very beautiful, and tall woman entered the room, dressed in twenties style with a tartan shawl around her broad shoulders.

I was taken aback by her beauty; she had a real glow about her energy.  There was a cloud of smoke around her as she sucked on a thin cigarette, her hair was immaculate, short, auburn and dark red tones.  She had very beautiful lips and red lip-stick on. I noticed how tall she was compared to my nan, who I towered over when she was alive too.

We sat looking at each other when my nan said “do you want to ask her some questions?  Try doing it with your mind, it will be good mediumship practice for you.  Can you tell me what she is like, her personality?”

So, I took a deep breath and started to feel into my great nan’s energy and knew instantly that she was a vibrant soul, a socialite, someone that liked a party, drink and a handsome man.  She had another side to her too, flighty and somewhat irresponsible, an aspect of her personality she would have had to work on during her human years.  It felt like the relationship between her and my nan was still tense, but better, they were at least on talking terms now.

I woke up soon after that, with this lady on my mind and I immediately messaged my mum, with the above description.  My mum clarified everything I said was true, in terms of how she looked, but we needed a photo to back it up.  Unfortunately, we are still waiting to see one (I was hoping to get it before this blog post was released!).  I will get the photo I am sure; she is still as clear as anything in my mind’s eye, but I must see a photo to validate everything, even though my mum said it is spot on.

So of course, I will keep you updated.  It’s always so interesting when this sort of thing happens, especially in terms of how relationships work when we cross over.  I hate to say it, but we don’t just magically heal broken relationships as easily as you would expect.  Of course, you still have a wider perspective of things, but we do not become harp playing angels, it’s a lot more normal than you may realise, the difference is, you feel so much more acutely compared to here, that counts for all emotions, not just love and happiness.  But you have less responsibility in terms of the practicalities of a human life, more choice and perhaps the ability to see the bigger picture and have an empathy that you may not have possessed during your human journey.  Remember, human life is all about experiencing things in the psychical and material world, when you cross over, it’s all about the mental and emotional side of you that is your focus.

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