Be a sceptic, not a cynic!

What is the difference between a sceptic and a cynic?  Here is my definition;

A sceptic is a person who has an open mind and wishes to seek out evidential research to support ideas, opinions and facts.  In my mind, we should all be sceptics with everything, be open minded, explore, research and investigate.

A cynic is a closed minded individual who has a strong belief system and opinion on a subject, without doing any research, investigation or experiment on the contrary.  In my opinion, a cynic is ignorant.

One of the hardest things I have had to stomach about coming “out” as a psychic medium is the occasional (and sometimes constant) back lash from the non-believer.  It’s awful, archaic and sometimes makes me question everything, not my ability or the fact that life continues after death, I think what hurts me the most is that some people whole heartedly believe that anyone associated to this industry is a con artist.

Sometimes it has made me want to retreat inside myself, sometimes it has made me ask myself why I continue on this journey, if it can trigger such a hateful reaction in other people, but then I have to remember that this is a very small minority, that the number of people that are helped, comforted and informed by this line of work, does and has to outweigh the shadow of fear and darkness that appears to fall on the people that go out of their way to make it known to mediums that they believe them to be lying, fraudulent, and scam artists.

The fact of the matter is, in every single industry there are liars, frauds and scam artists.  But because of what we are dealing with in my industry, it’s an easy target for some hefty criticism.  Unfortunately, there are fraudulent people in this line of work.  But there are also people that have had their own psychic experiences, or near death experiences, or shared death experiences, there are palliative care nurses that have witnessed countless death bed communications, or near death communications, there are people that have seen ghosts, predicted events, heard voices, had astral and out of body experiences whilst asleep….the list goes on, the evidence is vast.

The people that are throwing insults usually are ignorant when it comes to the study of the paranormal.  They haven’t researched, experimented, or probably have not had their own experiences to draw contemplation on.  They would argue that because they don’t’ have these experiences it means that it is all nonsense.  There is a reason they do not have these experiences.  Their logical minds will not accept anything outside of material matter, they are completely closed off from anything outside of their physical five senses.  Let’s put it this way, if a spirit that has passed on is trying to communicate with this type of person, they might as well give up, because nothing is penetrating their force field, it’s like a thick wall of aura that is letting nothing and I mean nothing in.

I promise you that behind every single one of these people, there is a big element of fear that drives their thought process.  Some may be heavily caught up in the material world, finding their happiness outside of themselves and never taking inner contemplation to ask the bigger questions.  Others might be under strict religious dogma and have been brainwashed, conditioned to not think or be guided by themselves.

I have even had a woman enter my home and told me to stop dealing with the devil.  This woman has had her own mediumistic experiences and prophecies and once had an infinity with angels and crystals.  Unfortunately, she also suffers from very low self-esteem, confidence issues and anxiety.  She found religion and the fear started to creep into her, felt it upon herself to knock on my door and try to scare me into submission and join her religion.  She was not spreading love, inspiration or guidance.  She was spreading fear, segregation and dogma.  I have no issues with religion at all, but what I found interesting is that (inadvertently) I was made to feel terrible.  She wasn’t trying to be hateful, but she felt she had to save me from an awful fate.  She was so scared that if she didn’t follow the rules of her religion that she would go to hell, and me too if I didn’t follow it as well.

Heaven and Hell?  No.  Low and high vibrational frequencies, residing in a place where there are other spirits just like you when you pass on?  Yes.  There can be a segregation in the afterlife, but it depends on YOU.  Not what others think of you.  It’s no other human beings’ job to judge anyone else.  You judge yourself, that’s what spirituality is.  It’s about inner work, healing and contemplation. Of course you must treat others kindly and with love and respect, if you are happy, fulfilled and at peace in the inside, that outside stuff will come naturally to you.

I don’t need to follow a group of people or teachings to know who I am or where I came from.  I knew that from a child that I was a kid from the Universe and that all around us, there are things going on, things that our human eye is not able to see, our human ears are not able to hear, but does that mean they are not there?  I appreciate that we are not all born mediums, and that if you are, you get an advantage when it comes to all this stuff.  But still, even if you are not born a sensitive, does not give you an excuse to be hateful, does it?

Another question that comes up often is, if you have this gift, why do you charge money for it?  The answer to that would be, because money is our human currency and we can’t buy food on good wishes and a hug.  That sounds awful doesn’t it?  But it is true.  To give time, full time, as a job, you must charge, we must exchange energy for something back, otherwise there is no natural balance and equilibrium, temperance is vital for a healthy and happy earth life.  I would pay a doctor, an artist, a therapist, I would pay anyone who has given their time to me.  A medium is a skill and a job, it’s a job of communication, like a translator.

To become a professional medium, takes years of dedication and training.  This in itself is costly in terms of man hours and money.  It’s all well and good getting visions, hearing voices and feeling stuff but you need to learn how to speak the language of spirit, otherwise communication breaks down.  I do not charge for mediumship currently, because even after 5 years of formal development, a life time of experiencing spirit people and signs, and most importantly, some mind blowing evidence from spirit, I still refuse to charge people until I am 100% confident that every single person that walks through my door believes without a doubt that their loved one was with them during their sitting.

So, I will not let the haters and fear mongers stop me on this journey.  I will continue to treat people with the love and respect that I would like to hope they can find it in their hearts to treat me with.  I will not be negative, spread fear, dogma or have extremist views.

Being spiritual is about accepting us all as humans, believing in finding happiness from within, and allowing the source of all that is, the Universal love of all that is, to run through us, each and every one of us, no matter what race, colour, religion or creed.

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