Coronavirus Predictions

Ok so I have never done this before, but I wanted to see how well the tarot picks up on current affairs and situations that are going on a wider scale.  Take a look at what I found (this is published a day before the UK Government publishes their plans further to the Covid-19 outbreak in the UK):


There are significant financial changes due to this virus, whatever happens, it will have an impact on our economy.  It’s as if all priorities will be going on the healing of the nation, and we will worry about the rest after.  So, there will be measures put in place to help stop the spread of this to make sure that people are healed over money.

A decision has been made by the government and it will be quick and to the point, they are going to make a decision that could be detrimental to the economy and I feel like this is something that has never been done before, its new territory.  They feel it’s necessary and it means that financially there could be implications, later on, they are going to take a huge sum of money from one budget and use it for the treatment of containing the outbreak.  They are basically giving the NHS a huge injection of cash to build specialized pods or that type of thing on site.


They will ask people to come back into the NHS that no longer work there (retired), people who have qualifications for nursing or medicine, asking them to pick up their tools again, asking people that used to work for the NHS that are now living abroad, asking them to come back.  This has a very good outcome.  They will have pods outside the hospitals to look after the sick and that seems to work, some form of technology that is good for containment but I’m not sure what that means but whatever this plan is, that is good.


People are still expected to work, however, there are certain things that they will leave, some industries will continue as normal, but others left half-finished?  (not quite sure what this means).  Big functions and music and sporting things that haven’t been finished yet, that will have to be reevaluated or put on hold for the near future.


Schools – this is the biggest dilemma they face in terms of making a decision.  They are in two minds with this, because money is an issue.  It is key, in terms of their decision making.  With the NHS they will throw cash at it but with schools, it’s like they don’t want them to close because ultimately it costs too much.  Managing balance appears to be key here (there seems to be a big divide in opinion with this), because of the money and impact it will cause.  They will keep deliberating on this, it’s not an overnight decision.  It feels as if Wales or Scotland will have a different decision to England, the nation will be divided.  One of our other nations will do something different.  I feel schools will remain open but bigger classes to accommodate the lack of teachers.  Some special measures too but this is a slower process.  They are going to monitor this carefully before making a rash decision of pulling kids out.

The Outcome

There will be stress before happiness, segregation, and decisions that are made that could affect people and there are tension and fighting amongst people, this is more to do with sick pay and decision coming top-down and the employees not being happy about this.  There will be ill people here, and having to be careful of who you are around.

3 months – before it gets better, however, the ending is very promising, in 3 months it will be 99% contained, it will peak in the middle of that but it has a good outcome.

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