The Power Of The Witch

The Power Of The Witch

It was only this year, in 2020, that I started joining up all the dots in my life and see a pattern emerging which lead me to a strong realization, that I am in fact, a witch.  Seriously, it’s taken forty years to finally accept what I am, like I knew I was a bit “witchy” but I didn’t understand that it’s not just a made up word for someone who likes a bit of sage smoke or mixing a few herbs in essential oils…’s actually a real state of being and not in fact, a label. 

So, what are the dots and the patterns that I’ve had all my life?  I will tell you about them below, perhaps you too can totally relate to it all or perhaps you think I’m bonkers, either way, I do think it’s interesting for sure;

Feeling Different

Do you feel different from everyone else?  Like you are on the outside looking in, or from a birds-eye view of what is actually going on?  I felt that a lot growing up.  I was different, I knew that, but I didn’t understand why.  I was so sensitive as a child that it turned into anxiousness.  I could feel the energies of others easily, but with no knowledge of what was going on or why, this left me feeling confused and worried about lots of things.  As a child you don’t really know how to protect yourself or understand why you are the only one that apparently appears to notice that the teacher is about to blow his top big time, why can’t anyone else “feel” his vibration before he starts shouting?  I was constantly on edge……conversely, when everyone was happy, I felt on cloud nine for ages and could talk and talk and talk for what felt like hours about any given subject………………it was one end of the spectrum to the other.  I remember as an adult joining my first psychic circle and one of the things the teacher said to me on arriving was “so you came here because you are different, right?”…..correct.  So, flaunt your weirdness if it’s there, it’s what makes you so very interesting!

Being obsessed with witchy things

I remember watching “Teen Witch” as a child in the 80s and having this amazing feeling of connectedness with the lead character, it made total sense to me, I could do what she does.  I made a den under the stairs where I would imagine I had a crystal ball and tarot cards, a place where I could do rituals and magic….I felt obsessed with this idea that I should be sitting in a darkish place, away from everyone but at the same time, trying to connect to everything, all the energies everywhere, alive and dead, the whole thing.  This didn’t stop during the day, at nighttime I would lay awake in deep contemplation about the Earth and the Universe and just KNEW there was more to this reality than meets the eye.

Being Psychic

Knowing what presents are under the wrapping……..knowing the names of pets before I am told…..literally feeling what someone is thinking…….sometimes answering them out loud to a question they thought in their head….yep, the psychic witch.  And to think…….I was told so often that it was all just coincidences that I started to believe others that they were right and I just had all these coincidences and synchroneities until it became OBVIOUS that this was not the case.  Turns out that energy can be read, past, present and future.  Yep….that means that it may have already happened…….wow, perhaps this is another blog post topic!

Seeing Spirit People

Hearing full blown conversations at night as I try to go to sleep, seeing people talking in old clothes, people that are not here anymore.  I saw a lot of spirit in my teens and twenties but hardly ever anymore.  I guess they don’t need to convince me, right?  I believe now.  Do you see, hear or feel spirit?  There is nothing like your own experience to back up your faith in the afterlife, nothing at all.

Predicting Future Events

Dreams and visions also came in strong during my twenties, world events like 9/11 and natural disasters……again I don’t see that type of thing as much these days but when I did, there was no denying that reading future energy is entirely possible.  Witches generally have different gifts, the gift of vision, healing, alchemy, elements, manifestation…….what’s your gift?

The allure of the tarot

I was fascinated by the tarot the moment I walked into a little spiritual shop in Broadstairs, picked up my first Ryder-waite Deck and didn’t stop shuffling, that was twenty years ago.  The only thing in my life that I’ve never grown dissatisfied with in terms of continued learning.  I was obsessed with divination growing up.  Now, I use the cards like a partner, they talk to me and guide me literally every day of my life……it was a dedicated practice that I’m so pleased I stuck with.

The Natural Healer

Are you a healing witch?  I noticed my healing ability in my twenties, when friends used to lay down and put there head on my lap and I would lay hands over their face.  Funny thing was, I didn’t even know what Reiki was back then.  Now I use healing on myself and others, and its rather wonderful!

The Wheel Of The Year

I’ve always had a connection to the Elements (Earth, Air, Fire & Water) and the animals.  Most Kitchen Witches love to grow their own herbs or go foraging for different natural items like shells, sticks or herbs and flowers (I know a couple of Kitchen witches that are great friends, who are so green figured its unbelievable!).  The Pagan Wheel of The Year has always fascinated me, honoring the seasons, the moon and the sun…… called to me more than any other religion ever has.

Seeing the Patterns

As a witch, especially a psychic witch, you see patterns and symbols in everything.  You understand that nothing just happens, that each energy strand is connected and happens because of cause and effect…..or life patterns intertwining and connecting with other life patterns (people and places) that are meant to be…….you have to have self-awareness to notice all of this, no drama, no conflict, just a quiet state of seeing, understanding and believing.

The best thing about being a witch is that you learn to love yourself, self-care is paramount, loving the Earth, nature and all those around you is the most important thing to you.  Being a witch isn’t about casting black magic spells to put a hex on people who have done you wrong (sidenote; I only ever hex the people who speed on the school crossing road!), it’s about aligning oneself with the elements, the Earth and the energies within and outside of it….and all that is.

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