Do Like The Priestess Does

There has never been a blank canvas like 2021 has there?  If this past 12 months have given us anything, it has given us the ability to reflect on our entire life, to be grateful for what we do actually have (from good health to a home) and to really appreciate what an essential service is, not only medicine and healthcare but the food that gets delivered to us from farm to mouth. 

Personally, for me, 2020 will be a turning point on my life map, a pin mark in my journey that I will never ever forget.  Yes, I have heard some awful things, not only of actual death from Covid but also of the fall out, couples that have ended their relationships that I never thought would happen, people getting sick with diseases that are not the virus, others losing their jobs and businesses going under.  It’s been really, really hard for many.  But for others, it has been an eye opener.  That’s me included.  I want to tell you about it here;

Living in NOW

I never really understood the concept of living in the moment until this year.  To appreciate every single moment of togetherness.  To not allow my anxiety to travel to places that are dark and scary, like the death of people I love, to accept that we all die, but all we have is time, we have this moment, this moment is our past, present and future all wrapped up into one.  We worry about the kids getting older as loosing these golden years and do not focus on this moment, this precise moment of now, to enjoy it so authentically that it’s the only moment we will ever need.  Live your life like that, deal with the future when it happens, go moment to moment and you will feel so much more at ease.

To Appreciate

I am totally grateful and thankful for the country I live in and the Government/s that work to run it.  I know this is an emotive sentence, and there are many people reading this that do not trust our Government.  But I feel certain that as we all live our own reality, we all see different things.  I understood that clearly this year.  This world only exists because I am conscious within it.  I also write my own story, with my own outlook, choices and decisions.  I don’t see lies, deceit and a matrix.  It’s not because I am asleep.  It’s because I see what I have created in my reality, I can’t find the cracks others speak of because they are not in my vibration.  The others may see those cracks but will not see what I see, the positives about the way things are done, because it is not in their vibration either.  They or I are not wrong or right.  It is all just a story that we put together based on our own personality, upbringing and living conditions.  I am not asleep; I am very self-aware and awake.  But I see a different horizon to others.  What do you see?  It is ok to see whatever you see but remember, the way you respond and choose to think and feel about your life will certainly shape it…..the more we love, the less we judge. 

Live like the High Priestess

The High Priestess understands that her inner world shapes her outer one.  She is always guided by her intuitive and internal instincts, and she listens to the good advice that is given to her on a daily basis, the voice that needs to be heard above the noise of her ego that will try to destroy her progress in this life.  The High Priestess also listens to others and doesn’t judge them based on her own standards, she understands that most opinions are formed by fear and projection of the person giving them.  She finds solace in prayer and meditation, she understands that what she puts out comes back to her on a vibrational frequency that is so subtle, yet so so significant that it can be life changing.  She is of perfect understanding that we are here for a human journey and every encounter is to allow us to grow and develop, together.  The High Priestess has no time for hate as she appreciates that it is wasted energy and she could be putting that energy into something so worthwhile, like the creation of something wonderful.  She knows she has made mistakes in her life, but she practices self-compassion and knows that as long as she learns and accepts the lessons, she will be just fine.

So what are you going to create in 2021??  I know what I’m going to do, I’m going to do like the High Priestess does.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and peaceful 2021,

Until next time,


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