Anxiety & Depression Tea

Amongst the busyness of tarot readings and school half term, I have managed to enjoy and now finally review my wonderful stash of Anxiety & Depression Tea from Witches Tea.

I chose this one in particular as I know that so many of my wonderful clientele suffer in some form with both anxiety and/or depression.  I too suffer with general anxiety disorder, which means that I can catastrophize certain situations that may seem highly irrational to the next person.  I already understand the healing benefits of tea and know that herbals make me feel so much calmer in general, so I really couldn’t wait to give this one a try.

The first thing I noticed about the blend was how LIGHT it is.  Not only in colour as you pour, but by how it tastes, no overpowering flavour, just a feeling on freshness with a tiny hint of spearmint, which I find calms the digestive system, so it really is a double whammy.

I have a certain “ritual’ when it comes to my tea drinking.  I drink green matcha tea in the morning for a slow release of caffeine fuelled energy, however after lunch is all about my selective herbal teatime.  I love tea leaves so I can use my little glass tea pot that catches what it needs too and then I have a visually beautiful pot of goodness.  This one didn’t disappoint, the leaves are grass like and easy to use.  As you can see from the photo, the Anxiety & Depression blend is clear with a hint of sepia colour, what you see is what you taste, it doesn’t overpower, it just feels “right”, so, if you are not massively into strong flavours, this is your blend for sure, but it gives enough to know you are drinking it, simply perfect in my opinion.

Perhaps it’s the warmness of the tea as the steam rises and settles on your nose that instantly calms, or the way I feel deliciously contented after a little pot full, I have to say that I do find this tea incredibly chilling!  So, does it help with anxiety and depression? I want to say yes!  This is why;

During this tea drinking review period, I found myself befriending an incredibly helpful internal coach (i.e., my own inner monologue), so for example, when I wanted to tell myself that the new pain in my shoulder was stage four spinal cancer, my little voice would chip in with “Or perhaps it’s because you lifted weights yesterday for the first time in two years??”.  My logical head was on, my neurotic mind was switched to pause.  It happened very easily, more easily than normal may I add.  I don’t know if this was a coincidence, but I have to say I only really noticed this as I sat here to write this review and made the correlation, so how can this be?

I want to say it is because the love, intention and blessings that Willow and Emerald put into every shipment of their gorgeous tea really does feel powerful as you drink each sip.  These gals are real witches with big hearts, and they actively want you to get the most out of your blend.

Well, I am pleased to say it is a thumbs up from me, so if you want to enjoy this too, why not purchase your own blend, if you use discount code TANYA15, you get 15% off your first order!  Why not check out their website here or read about the girls themselves on my previous blog post.

I really cannot wait to try some more blends from Witches Tea and see what benefits I gleam from them!

Until next time,


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