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My latest order from Witches Tea has been the protection blend.  Most mornings my protection ritual is a hot bath with coconut oil and salts, however I wanted an intention tea to drink and knew just who to call!

This tea is effortlessly fresh with a spearmint undertone.  It is lightly coloured and makes me feel as sharp as a button after just one cup full.  This is the one tea that I have REALLY noticed my energies changing after I have drank it, like on a vibrational level I feel contented and safe within myself, a lot calmer and it really is as if a white clock has been wrapped around my shoulders.

Setting your intentions for protection is important, especially if you are doing any kind of spiritual work.  

Last week, I had a couple of new clients, both had messages direct from spirit during their tarot readings.  The first one had her young friend who came through and straight away the energy in my stomach changed like I had a big stone sitting inside me.  I knew this was the spirit of the young woman showing me she had cancer in this area, she also wanted to show me how sick she felt during treatment and the nausea I then felt was horrible.  Once I mentioned it, the feeling passed.  

On the second reading, I connected with the spirit of an elderly gentleman who reached his 80s in years.  My hands were shaking uncontrollably, as he showed me what his hands felt like when he was alive. Thankfully this physical sensation also passed.

However, I did something naughty once my clients left, I forgot to close myself down.  What I should have done was meditated to close off the session, have a cup of my protection tea and then perhaps saged a little as both readings were quite deep.  I forgot to do all of that.

Fast forward the next few hours and day and the sicky feeling I had when I connected with the first spirit would not leave me.  It kept coming in waves and my head was all over the place, I had terrible brain fog and was forgetting what day of the week it was.  I can honestly say that I felt like I was in two worlds.  In a way, I was…..I forgot to close myself down and ground.  This is so important!  A spirit cannot pass on any physical ailments to us, but they can leave us feeling all over the place if we do not come back down to earth after a session.

My friend reminded me that by now I should be doing this without even thinking about it….she is so right.

Your aura needs protecting not only from the living but from all the energies around you, even when those connections are from a good and loving source. 

Imagine yourself without a body, just an aura walking around.  How far would the energy go?  What distance would the thought travel?  How would you blend with someone?  How can you shield yourself?

Protecting your aura starts with intention (as does EVERYTHING when we are doing energy work).  So just by sipping your tea, with the intention of protection going into you with every mouthful, you are covering your energy field with a protective layer.  The tea has been blended by the girls at Witches Tea especially for this purpose.

So, remember, whether you want to stop feeling triggered by the annoying person at work, or you want to remove any negativity from a family member that you have to visit, or you are feeling particular vulnerable….or any day really, protection tea is a fantastic way to protect yourself, along with your other rituals (crystals, sage, bathing, salt etc).

I loved this tea, and I am sure you will too!  If you want to purchase a pouch, just use discount code TANYA15 to get 15% off your first order!

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