Circle Surprises

It is at my psychic development group where the most interesting of phenomena can happen.

The last night of term is often when we try (safe) experiments to connect with spirits from the other side.

I remember once trying transfiguration.  The room is left dark with just the glow of a red light from the corner, meaning that you can just see the person sitting in front of you.

In pairs you are opposite one another and take it in turns to relax your breathing and focus on your partners facial features.

When I did this for the first time, before we even started the experiment, the main light in the hall turned itself on and off without a human being touching it.  The light bulb that hung from the tall Georgian ceiling glowed brightly then dimmed out….a few seconds later did the same thing.  I had never seen anything like it and knew we were connecting with spirit.  The energy was flickering all around us.

After sitting in the red light for about five minutes, I noticed my partners facial features change.  The most noticeable was that I saw two eyes looking straight at me….yet her human eyes were closed tight. 

I won’t lie, this freaked me out.  I was being looked at in the face by eyes that did not belong to her.  They belonged to her spirit guide and slowly her entire face changed shape right in front of me.

When I tried it with someone else, a man, he suddenly had what looked like a Mexican type of moustache on his face.  Others also witnessed this and it was truly incredible. 

After that night I thought I had seen it all.  But I was wrong, as a recent experience at circle was just as surreal.

We decided to give table tipping a try.  I had done this before at an organised event and knew that a table could feel as light as a feather when spirit is giving you a helping hand to lift it off the ground.

On this night, as about four of us were stood around the table, I felt something different.  As it began to lift, after a couple of minutes, I felt a ball of energy circulate the table.  It came right at me and hit my solar plexus then bounced off as I gasped and dropped my end.  I could then see this energy in my mind’s eye as it circulated the table, bypassing every person until it reached a lady and almost “entered” her.  Her head went back, eyes rolled and astonishingly she proceeded to lift an entire table with two fingers about three foot off the ground.

The swaying continued as did the table until we grabbed her and sat her down until she came back around.

You may be reading this thinking “What? Was she possessed?  Is this dangerous?”.  My answer to that is no.  The lady it happened too explained that she has been having strange experiences since a child.  One time she felt herself levitate off the ground during meditation.  This was not unusual for her.  However, I would stress that any spiritual experiment should only be conducted with experienced mediums present.

The ball of energy was a spirit, and it certainly helped her lift the table that night.  It was a demonstration of the power of spirit and what can be achieved, especially when someone is too open (note that it tried to enter me first and bounced straight off my solar plexus).   It was like I had a force field surrounding me that night that would not allow the spirit to get any closer.  This is another lesson in why it is always critical to protect yourself, daily, if possible, from all energies and auras that surround us every day. 

The lady was fine after what happened, and I do believe a few of the class members that had never seen anything like that may have been a little shocked to say the least.  Physical spirit work is not for everyone but if it is something you are interested in, it can be completely life changing in your trust that there is more to this life than meets the eye.

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