Walking From Our Shadows

It is two days after Christmas, and I have just had one of my strongest out of body experiences to date.  As soon as I awoke, I sat right down at my laptop to record it, so I do not forget a thing.

It’s important for me to point out that this wasn’t just a lucid dream, this is an experience where I left my body entirely and entered another reality that lightly presses against our own.  Because I believe there are many of these realities, in fact, too many for any human mind to fathom.

This all happened during an afternoon nap, well a mid-day nap because I haven’t been feeling too well today.  For some reason, out of body experiences tend to happen when I either go back to sleep in the morning or when I shouldn’t really be asleep at all.

I must have only been sleeping for half an hour or so when I recognised that feeling of viewing my bedroom through my spirit eyes.  I can flair my arms around me and they cut through the air like I’m swimming in the lightest ocean, as there is no atmosphere here.  I can sort of “see” my body, it is made up of the finest, lightest particles so that they almost twinkle and shimmer as my arm moves and I can see right through my limbs.  

I know I can float if I want too but my intention is to sit up and look around, as if I was still in a physical body.  So that is what I do.  I also know that in this place I can get to wherever I want to go quickly, it is only a thought away, it is made up of my mental world, physical things appear to be a by-product if that makes sense.

The first thing I decide to do is lightly float next door into my neighbour’s bedroom.  

The feeling of moving through walls in an astral body is the same every single time I do it.  You can feel the “matter” as you move through the cement, it is like a sticky slow vibration that has a cooler temperature and only lasts a few seconds as walls are surprisingly thin and once you are out on the other side the vibration sort of pings again and there you are in the other room.

Whilst all this is happening, I am trying my hardest to not only navigate my new body, but also trying not to go back to my physical body in the other reality that is “sort of” next door.  

I can “hear” with my human ears and know my daughter is playing in her bedroom next to me and I’m complexly conscious to the fact that the state I am to keep myself in to be able to stay within this reality is a fine balance between being lightly asleep and awake.  Which means, any outside noise that is loud enough will startle me and pull me straight back into my physical body like a giant magnet.

So, bearing this in mind, I concentrate hard in this new reality and I realise that I can hear the faint sound of music coming from downstairs in my neighbour’s house.  I am trying to move around the room and focus on the wallpaper in their bedroom.  I must point something out here – I am not in their Earth bedroom.  I am in their room that exists within this reality.  So, I will describe their wallpaper, but it will more than likely not be the wallpaper they have up now.  Or it might be, I guess I will never know because it’s highly unlikely I will be in their bedroom any time soon……anyway, I digress….

The wallpaper is uniformed with like a pink tear drop pattern, with a darker outline and the surface feels bumpy, like that wallpaper from the 1980s with the bubbles that I really wanted to pick off….

Dragging my astral finger along the bumps on their wall as a I study the pattern in its intricate detail, a noise came from my Earth house, and I was pulled so fast back into my human body that when I woke fully up the room was spinning, and it took me a minute to settle my head back into my own reality. 

I was awake, but not for long, I decided to go straight back to sleep and try to go back where I had just come from.  

Luckily, it worked.  Within minutes, I had fallen back into the deep meditative state that allows you to penetrate the reality.  I had to start all over again by peeling myself out of my physical, but this time it was rather easy.  I decided to not go next door but go out the wall on the other side of my house instead.

Pushing myself through my upstairs external wall I braced myself to fall like a stone on the other side and sighed relief as I glided down toward the side alley in bright sunshine.  The first thing I noticed as I landed was the huge stack of bricks that were balancing up right as high as the roof, someone clearly has a DIY project on.  Then I realised that this was no longer my house on Earth, but my parents.   Well, that’s my dad, I thought, who loves DIY and loves grabbing bricks when he can.  

I floated along the alley way to the front of the house.   Yes, it was certainly my parent’s house but with my bay window from my current Earth home?  Weird, this is a hybrid of the two Earth homes I have ever lived in.  I approached the small gate to let me out on to the street and noted a knocker with a loins head on the side, with this knowing that a lion is symbolic and important to me (I’m still trying to figure out that part but to me, a loin has always signified strength of character).

Out on the street, I decided that flying is quicker than walking so I float gracefully into the atmosphere knowing that I will not go too high if I don’t want to.  As I slowly spin up there, I look down and see a brown-haired woman in her late 30s rushing in my direction.  She has a short fringe and a beige coat on (wrong clothes for the weather, I noted).

“Are we dead?  Are you dead?  Is this where we go when we die?” is my flustered question, which appears to be the same script every time I have an out of body experience and meet another person on my travels.  

“No, we are not dead.  But we cannot run from our shadows here” she said eerily as she turned her head to look behind her and rushed hurriedly on, like someone was following her.

What a poignant line “we cannot run from our shadows here” I thought as I floated down my parents’ street.  I thought about what she said and what it means.  To me, it means that all your good parts and bad parts are laid bare for all to see, so that you have no choice but to work on them……

I decided to travel on.  Down the road, I noted that the streets are pretty much empty of cars, it’s very quiet. Two ladies were outside a house and having a natter.  They both look past me but can see me and say, “better be quick, they are coming soon”.  I instantly know they are referring to the fact that this is the place where shadows cannot be made therefore secrets cannot be created and I felt afraid.  Basically, everything I ever wanted to keep to myself is about to be laid out bare for all to see……

As I floated on toward the park to my left, the park that I played in on Earth as a child, I felt myself getting drawn inward toward the tops of the trees.  I felt out of control and noted that the sky began to darken and through the trees I saw a loan man in the park and he was not a nice man, I sensed utter fear and danger and noted that he had a magnetic effect.  One thing is for certain, in this place you don’t have to be an empath to pick up on vibes, they come to you instantly.  

Like drugs, nicotine, alcohol, or any Earthly material substance (or act) that lowers your vibration, it was almost magnetic in its nature and wanted to suck me in like a black hole.  I knew that the only way back from that was to “wake up” into my physical and just like Dorothy wanting to get back home, all I had to do was ask and my eyes opened back in bed.

 As I lay there, processing it all, I knew where I had just been was another layer of existence that some of us may find ourselves in when we leave this Earthly realm.  I say, some, not all.  

I believe this is the place some may find themselves when they really need to work on some hard lessons that they didn’t quite break through on Earth.  The lure to pull me in to the dark park with that man was strong and I had to use my full intention to not go there.  The same principal of when we need to use our force of will to stay strong on this side to not undo good behaviour that we know is helping us on our journey.  That we know is raising our vibration.

I don’t want this blog post to freak anyone out thinking that this is the place we go to when we die, because I do not believe it is.  As I mentioned on opening the blog, I strongly believe there are vast amounts of these layers of realities that mirror our own exitance and because we enter a mental reality (as opposed to a physical) then how we are feeling at that time reflects the place we end up in.  

One thing that is always a certainty to me is that a) the places we find ourselves are only temporary and b) there is always a loving person next to us that can help us whenever things get too strange, scary or tough.  All we have to do is ask for help.

After this experience, I decided to ask my tarot some questions about the place, to see if I was right with how I feel about it.  The answers to my questions were very insightful!

Question one; What was this reality? 

Answer; Five of Pentacles; the place people go when they are feeling very low, downcast and like they are outsiders who cannot move within happier circles.  (The picture on this card is literally two people walking within the shadows).

Question Two; What is the point of this reality? 

Answer; The Star; To heal.  Like everything, this pain is only temporary.

Question Three; How does it help you heal? 

Answer; The two of Pentacles; it allows you to weigh up things, to try and seek balance, to keep working on and checking in on yourself so you are not over doing things – its learning the art of patience and temperance in all things.

Question Four; Can we leave if we want too?

Answer; The Lovers; everything is always a choice.  But choices are harder after we have made an initial investment, we may think we have more to lose.  If we walk away from the material things that hold us down, what do we have left?  We must rely on our sense of spirit, is that enough?  Therefore, some choose to stay attached to their material obsessions as it brings them more comfort than exposing their true selves to work on and improve on.

Until next time,


Aliens Walk Amongst Us

There is one thing having my very own profound spiritual experiences to write about, but when I get the chance to listen to other stories, well that really excites me.  Because it validates and strengthens my resolve that there is more to this 3D reality than meets our eyes.

Recently, a lovely friend and member of my psychic circle shared the most fascinating of past encounters.

I want to put a caveat in here before I tell her story, in that the lady who told me this is one that I trust inexplicably.  She is a gifted medium yet solidly has her feet on the ground, there isn’t anything airy fairy about her, she says it how it is, and she questions everything.  I feel it’s important that I tell you that, because this next story is so unreal but equally fascinating!

The reason why she shared her story is because it was the end of our meditation class and she noted that she struggles with meditation and to truly switch off.  We asked why and she said she believes it might be from a weird experience she had once at a trance mediumship event.  Trance allows an experienced medium to enter a very deep state of meditation so that a spirit can literally “take over” the medium and channel information directly through them.  Often, the medium may change their mannerisms, accent, even start to look different as the messages are conveyed.  I will now paraphrase my friend’s story, just as she told us;

“So, there I was at this trance mediumship circle.  I had never done trance before; this was a totally new experience for me.  I sat with the others as the medium who would be going into trance sat in the centre of our circle and she had another medium sitting directly next to her, holding her hand.  Apparently, this is to keep the trance medium grounded throughout the session as the energy used can be very draining and could be detrimental to her health.

Once she went into her trance, she began to talk, and she did sound different.  I found this fascinating, until she announced that she was an alien from another Universe.  I must admit, I was smiling inside and looked away.  Now, I’m a Medium and obviously I believe in spirits and life after death…but ETs?  I’m not so sure.  So, whilst this is going on, inside I’m questioning everything.

Suddenly, the medium stopped talking then addressed the circle directly and said “There is someone in this circle who does not believe me”. 

The hairs went up on the back of my neck, I felt a little self-conscious.  I was showing no outward sign that I did not believe her, I was just sitting as was everyone else was in the circle.

The trance medium then proceeded to point her finger at each member of the group, saying, “not you, not you, not you” and as she came to me, stopped and stared me in the eye and said “it’s you, you do not believe”. 

I must admit at this point I was horrified, plus felt a little flustered with all eyes on me.  The medium sitting with her, asked me to stand up and approach them in the centre.

I willingly did what she asked, not sure what was about to happen.

The medium took my hand and told me to “Feel this”.  I wasn’t sure what she meant until I felt what can only be described as a charge of electricity go up from the soles of my feet and travel so fast all the way up my body and out of the top of my head.  I was astounded by this physical sensation and not only that, I saw a clear vision in my mind’s eye.  As the medium gripped my hand, I watched aliens that live and walk amongst us here on Earth.  It was abundantly clear to me at that point, we are not alone, there are Aliens amongst us, and we have absolutely no idea. 

Once she let go of my hand, she asked me if I believe now?  I nodded my head and walked back to my space in the circle.  For the rest of the evening, I couldn’t wait to leave and process what had just happened.

As I travelled home, I played the whole thing repeatedly in my mind.  It was utterly unreal, yet it happened to me. 

That night in bed, I finally fell into a deep sleep.  I was rudely awoken a few hours later, by a solid hand tugging on my right ankle which yanked me across the bed toward the end.  In my horror, I gripped on to my duvet, looked up and right into the face of an alien.  I know this part is hard to believe, but it happened!  I screamed for my life which awoke my husband, seeing me half off the bed, asked me what the hell was going on.

I told him that something had grabbed me and was pulling me off the bed, to which he told me not to be silly and go back to sleep.  I must have been dreaming, he protested.  But I wasn’t.  I saw an alien with my own eyes, and it physically pulled me along my bed.

The next morning, I was so traumatised by the whole thing, I went to church.  I felt like I needed to cleanse myself.  Thankfully, nothing ever happened like that again, but it was certainly one of the profoundest moments I have ever had.  I think that is why I can’t meditate, do you?”

She asked the group, as we all burst into laughter.  As she told her story, you could have heard a pin drop and after we had stopped laughing, we said, joking aside, that it was amazing and a validation that there is so much more that we haven’t even scratched the surface of yet.

So, you see, I had to share her story, it was too incredible not too!  Aliens, who live, and walk amongst us……

Until next time,


Circle Surprises

It is at my psychic development group where the most interesting of phenomena can happen.

The last night of term is often when we try (safe) experiments to connect with spirits from the other side.

I remember once trying transfiguration.  The room is left dark with just the glow of a red light from the corner, meaning that you can just see the person sitting in front of you.

In pairs you are opposite one another and take it in turns to relax your breathing and focus on your partners facial features.

When I did this for the first time, before we even started the experiment, the main light in the hall turned itself on and off without a human being touching it.  The light bulb that hung from the tall Georgian ceiling glowed brightly then dimmed out….a few seconds later did the same thing.  I had never seen anything like it and knew we were connecting with spirit.  The energy was flickering all around us.

After sitting in the red light for about five minutes, I noticed my partners facial features change.  The most noticeable was that I saw two eyes looking straight at me….yet her human eyes were closed tight. 

I won’t lie, this freaked me out.  I was being looked at in the face by eyes that did not belong to her.  They belonged to her spirit guide and slowly her entire face changed shape right in front of me.

When I tried it with someone else, a man, he suddenly had what looked like a Mexican type of moustache on his face.  Others also witnessed this and it was truly incredible. 

After that night I thought I had seen it all.  But I was wrong, as a recent experience at circle was just as surreal.

We decided to give table tipping a try.  I had done this before at an organised event and knew that a table could feel as light as a feather when spirit is giving you a helping hand to lift it off the ground.

On this night, as about four of us were stood around the table, I felt something different.  As it began to lift, after a couple of minutes, I felt a ball of energy circulate the table.  It came right at me and hit my solar plexus then bounced off as I gasped and dropped my end.  I could then see this energy in my mind’s eye as it circulated the table, bypassing every person until it reached a lady and almost “entered” her.  Her head went back, eyes rolled and astonishingly she proceeded to lift an entire table with two fingers about three foot off the ground.

The swaying continued as did the table until we grabbed her and sat her down until she came back around.

You may be reading this thinking “What? Was she possessed?  Is this dangerous?”.  My answer to that is no.  The lady it happened too explained that she has been having strange experiences since a child.  One time she felt herself levitate off the ground during meditation.  This was not unusual for her.  However, I would stress that any spiritual experiment should only be conducted with experienced mediums present.

The ball of energy was a spirit, and it certainly helped her lift the table that night.  It was a demonstration of the power of spirit and what can be achieved, especially when someone is too open (note that it tried to enter me first and bounced straight off my solar plexus).   It was like I had a force field surrounding me that night that would not allow the spirit to get any closer.  This is another lesson in why it is always critical to protect yourself, daily, if possible, from all energies and auras that surround us every day. 

The lady was fine after what happened, and I do believe a few of the class members that had never seen anything like that may have been a little shocked to say the least.  Physical spirit work is not for everyone but if it is something you are interested in, it can be completely life changing in your trust that there is more to this life than meets the eye.

Until next time,


Are All Tarot Readers Psychic?

Over recent months I have noticed the same question being asked on beginner’s tarot forums, along the lines of “do you have to be psychic to read tarot?”. 

The quick answer to this, in my opinion is no, however, it seems that one thing can often lead to another when you reach a certain level of advanced tarot reading. I also feel that most people are psychic but with differing degrees of ability, like being able to draw or sing in tune.

Here is the thing, there are many sceptics out there that have no idea how accurate tarot reading is.  It is spookily accurate.  And much to their protests, the story being told is not made to fit the querants current life situation.  Let me give you an example.

New clients are often complete strangers when then walk through my door.  They have text me to book in and all I have is their first name.  Not that I would do anything with a name, but in the age of social media and Facebook business pages, you cannot help most of the time to see a profile photo of the person coming to see you.  This photo may give a snapshot into someone’s life and personally I don’t like this, I love just a name and a person. 

A stranger who sits in my room has her tarot spread laid out in front of her.  I don’t have to be a psychic to find out if she is single, divorced or in a long-term partnership, my trusty cards will do that for me.  So, for example, I will turn over three cards and ask;

What is her current energy?; Death Card

How does she feel?; Ten of Swords

What influenced this?; The Tower Card

Because I have learnt the basic meanings of those three cards, I know that something has ended with no going back and it was a complete shock for her.  If I wanted to dig a little deeper, I could ask the cards about her ex-partner and more than likely a King will be pulled from the shuffled deck.  Depending on what suit he falls under (sword, cup, pentacle or wand) I can then go on to describe his personality in detail, and she agrees and nods her head enthusiastically and will say something like, “Yes!  That’s spot on, how do you know that?”.

Up until this point, I have not needed to tune in psychically, the cards have given me exactly what I need to know.  On occasion, it can be harder to decipher the information being presented but after many years of practice, it becomes a language of symbols, numbers, images, and colours that provide all you need to know as a reader.

So, your basic understanding of the cards can take you quite far, in fact, is all you need to know really to give a rewarding and beneficial tarot reading.  But what if you wanted to know the details of the breakup?  You can see it’s over; it was mega stressful and a shock…but what if you wanted to know the ins and outs of what happened?

This is where your psychic ability kicks in.  When you join those three cards together and relax your mind, you connect the cards and allow a story to unfold.  Suddenly you may be drawn to an image on the card you have never seen before.  It is a suitcase next to a doorway.  You tell your sitter that he up and left, no warning.  Then you see that the card is number 13 and say it was approximately 12 to 13 months ago.  Then you see two people pushing a boat along and tell her you can see two children, both boys.  You might notice a dog in the grass, and he is half covered in the picture and tell her that she and the ex are sharing the dog as a 50/50 split.  Your sitter says yes to this all and is astonished how you have managed to piece this all together with your cards.  This is where your intuition kicks in and used your cards as a gateway to access the psychic information.  You have literally just read the energy of her life.

This not only works with tarot cards.  I recently connected to the spirit of my client’s father, who was in his late twenties when he died when she was just a little girl.  As I sat in my reading room and asked the man to show me how he died, I suddenly heard a huge firework go off outside in the street which made me jump in my seat. 

“He died very suddenly, it was like a firework going off in his head, he just dropped dead?” I asked, she nodded her head “Yes!  He just died out of the blue, no warning, just bang and he was gone”………

This is how messages are given to mediums and psychics, it is just a case of reading the silent language and mostly, trusting the information you receive.

Tarot is a fantastic framework to connect to the energy of pretty much anything – it is a toolbox that your sprit guide will use to convey the messages that need to be said.  Once you begin to trust your intuitive side, the cards come to life, you then see a story that is behind the imagery on the cards, it comes forward and takes on a life of its own….and that is when the magic happens.

Until next time,


Boy Against A Wall

I have read in the past that other mediums have put their total faith in their spirit team when going out on the platform.  This is public speaking with no script.  The trust required to do this is immeasurable….

On 2ndJune 2019 I will be going out on the platform for the very first time.  The audience will be told that I am a fledgeling, but this doesn’t ease my nerves.  There will be pressure, the pressure to deliver evidence of spirit survival to grieving people, the pressure to not let my fellow mediums down that have invited me to share the stage with them, the pressure to be good enough to perhaps one day be asked to go back…..

My friend and mediumship mentor, Emma, has kindly set up some practice nights for me and Jess, another friend and medium who will be taking her fledgeling night in May.  Emma has arranged a series of evenings at her house where we can practice platform with strangers.

On the first of these nights, I turned up at Emma’s house realising that I hadn’t given that evening a moments thought all day.  Now that I was here, the nerves began to kick in.  If I am nervous now, what the hell am I going to be like on the 2nd of June?

Before I knew it, the four ladies had arrived and I was the first one up. God, my mind went blank and I struggled to form a link with the first spirit.  I did eventually, but it was clunky.  It was a man, he had a job to do with postal workers, he was very lonely and didn’t have the best end to his life.  One of the ladies raised her hand.  Even though I didn’t feel my evidence was amazing, the message he gave me was good though.  He showed me a glass table, like a small coffee table.  He was indicating that she should do something with that table like it had particular significance.  She understood why and told me after that she had put some fresh flowers on the glass table that day, to remind her of her husband who had died a few years previously.

My second link took ages to make a connection with the group of ladies (who all knew each other).  This lady died of cancer and knew them from work.  They took her, after what felt like forever.  Her message was for her daughter, to let her know she was okay…….

After feeling like I wanted to give up, that I was never going to be at the level I wanted to be at, I suddenly saw a young guy, leaning against a brick wall and kind of smirking at me.  He was so casual, so laid back, his arms were folded and he had one leg up, bent against the wall.

I looked at the row of faces in front of me and stopped at the second lady from the right, she had black rimmed glasses on but I could see behind her eyes were the same as this young lads.

I focussed back on the young man, I could clearly see that he had what looked like acne on his face.

I took a big breath and addressed the group:

“I have a young lad here, I don’t think he made it past twenty.  He is a real character, I can see that just from looking at him.  Can anyone take a young guy?”  I asked.

The lady with the glasses raised her hand.  I smiled inside.

“He looks like you!  Except, his skin, he has acne, sorry to say that!”

She nodded her head yes.

“He is giving me the name Adrian does that mean anything to you?”

She laughed out loud.  “Yes!! This is my dad’s name, except hardly anyone knows.  My dad hated the name Adrian so he changed it to Paul. I can’t believe he told you that!” she said.

I remarked again how much this young man looked like the lady.

“He must be your son?” I asked.  “You are like twins!!” I said excitedly.

“No, he was my brother” she smiled at me and I understood the connection.

This young man was cheeky and so full of life.  They were so alike, their mannerisms…….I told her some more things about him.  I wanted to know how he died but he wouldn’t tell me, because it was too upsetting. This is a first, I thought.

Once I had said goodbye to him, the lady gave me some feedback.

She said that her brother died before his twenty-first birthday.  He had an awful illness from birth, which caused terrible boils to appear all over this face.  It was too sad, to upsetting to go into.  She understood why he wouldn’t want too.

I was so grateful he came in (apparently he does a lot!).

I sighed some relief that night.  That was the type of evidence I wanted….perhaps this is the right path after all.

Until next time,


The Intelligence Of Spirit

Every once in a while during my spiritual journey, something big happens that I will never forget.  These experiences are actually quite few and far between however, one of those very moments happened just last week, on 5thNovember, my 38thbirthday.

That night, I had a very vivid dream (to protect the identity of all those involved, I have changed the name below):

I was getting ready to meet someone and had dressed as if I was going for a job interview.  I remember feeling nervous and was in a very large building, like in the City.  I entered the foyer and approached the front desk, where a receptionist was waiting for me. 

“Who am I here to meet?” I asked. “Nathan Davies” she replied and quickly scribbled the name on a post it note and held it up to me, I could clearly see the spelling of the name.  “Nathan Davies” I repeated and turned to see a young man, around twenty or twenty-one who had his brown dog with him.  I remember his eyes and fair wavy hair.


When I awoke, I kept repeating the name in my head “Nathan Davies”.  I have connected with spirit via dreams in the past but never have I been given an accurate name before.  I knew it was significant.

I asked my colleague if she knew anyone by that name and she confirmed she didn’t.  I decided that perhaps it may be some message for me so I googled the name but came up with nothing really out of the ordinary.  I then decided to pop the name into a Facebook search.  Instantly I was drawn to a page called “Remembering Nathan Davies”.

When I clicked on the page and saw the photograph of the young man, exactly as I had in my dream, holding the dog on his lap, my mouth hit the floor.  It was him, Nathan.  I had a look at some of the posts on the page and I could work out that he must have died some years ago, however his mother was still badly grieving, she had only posted something on the page two days previously, detailing the agonising pain she was going through and still not being able to come to terms with her son’s loss.  It was then that I realised what I had to do, Nathan had come to me for a reason, he wanted to get a reading to his mum, I felt compelled to connect with him again and provide her with a reading.

I have to stress, I would never ever normally conduct a reading for someone without their permission.  This is ethically unacceptable.  However, the extraordinary circumstances of this event in the way that Nathan connected to me, was telling me this case was different.

I looked on the mum’s facebook profile and could see she lived in Australia so knew that this would not be an easy task but I prayed that my reading would be received with the kind wishes intended, the last thing I wanted was for her or the family to think I was some fake psychic trying to pray on a grieving family.

I took the plunge and sat down to start my reading and recorded it on an App via my mobile phone.

After I had finished, I just wasn’t sure if there was enough evidence there and wondered what the hell I should do.  But I told myself that I had to trust in this so I plucked up the courage and sent a message to Nathan’s mum via Facebook messenger.

After a day, I didn’t hear anything.  I then figured that this lady may be older and not very computer savvy so I decided to try and find a sibling, which I did,  on the remembrance page, a sister.  I messaged her and prayed she would receive it.

A day or so later, the sister messaged me back.  Initially a little bit cautious (completely understandable) she decided to receive the reading and I sent it across to her.  I must admit, I felt sick at this point.  My main worry was that they would think I was a charlatan but all I wanted to do was get Nathan’s love across to this mum.  It turns out that I need not of worried, because Nathan’s sister kindly gave me some feedback, which I will detail below (bringing out the key pieces of evidence):

  • I described Nathans personality in detail, how he was incredibly funny and the joker of the family (adapting his jokes to suit the family or friend member intended), but was also a gentle giant, would say what he felt in few words and sometimes sat back to observe things and take it all in.

Feedback: The description of his personality was correct


  • Nathan’s dog was significant and I stressed that when he got him, he wanted him to be his dog only and not a “family dog” as such.

Feedback: Nathan went to a bird breeding auction and ended up getting a dog, before he asked the permission of his parents, he was 16 at the time.


  • I could see that someone had moved out of the family home just before Nathan died.

Feedback: Nathan’s sister moved out 2 months before he passed.


  • He clearly gave me the name Barry during the reading.

Feedback: Barry was Nathan’s tutor


  • He told me that he died by something very rare and that all the elements had to be aligned for that one thing to happen, the chances of which were remote

Feedback: Nathan’s sister confirmed that her brother died of something very rare


  • He was showing me a concert, or music venue, or the foyer of such like it held particular significance.

Feedback: This piece of evidence helped Nathan’s sister the most.  The week that he died, they were meant to be going to a concert which would have been on the night he passed.  They had decided earlier on in the week not to go.


  • Part way thought the reading I started to cough and struggled to talk, I then was shown a company that is heavily invested where Nathan would have lived, however whatever this company does it is causing pollution and there are health worries around this including coughing.

Feedback: The smoke causing the illness has affected both Nathans parents.

  • Nathan was showing me a book and he was handing it to his sister, he was making reference to the book like it was special and held significance for her only.

Feedback: Nathan paid for some of his sisters university text books.


  • Nathan was showing me that he loved to walk in nature, especially lakes.

Feedback: The house that Nathan lived in with his family was 10 metres from the lake. 



As you can read, I was so blown away by the feedback but mostly by the intelligence and power of spirits that are living another life from this one.  It is clear to me that Nathan wants to help his mother and family, however, he can’t get the message across.  So he is using any medium that will listen, it just so happens that I connect very well in my dream state to spirit, it also happens that I will always follow up a dream and a sign, which I did without fail and it lead me straight to Nathan’s family.

I don’t know if I will ever have anything happen like this again, but I hope that I do as in my opinion, it’s a fantastic way for a spirit to reach out to a loved one and another way for mediums to validate that life continues after we die.

Until next time,