The Right Phone Line

There is a famous saying that becoming a good medium is 20% your ability to connect well with spirit and 80% working on yourself as a person.   

The long and short of it is that your direct radio connection to spirit will be considerably hindered if you do not clear out the crap in your head and heart first.

This is because when you read for someone, you must remove yourself from the equation and literally be the voice box that is passing on the message to the recipient.

Mediumship readings are difficult.  The first major hurdle is getting the right line connected to your spirit person.

Imagine you are one giant radio that has lots of strands of energy running off it (frequencies).  You can tune into these frequencies if you want to develop your psychic and mediumistic skills.  I do believe that all humans are psychic but not all are mediums. How psychic you are depends on how open you are to the idea, how much you trust in the information you get and crucially, what your connection is like.

Most people think that psychics are special and walk around with these superpowers to know other people’s thoughts and predict the future.  But the reality is that we are all tuned on that vibration however some people’s lines are busier than others and some may be completely blocked or permanently cut off. 

Every human being has a psychic line to each other, as we are all connected.  So, when you think randomly of a person you haven’t seen in ages and then bump into them the next day, imagine that you have actually called each other on your psychic lines.  Mostly, this is not a conscious effort on your part, but the beauty of psychic development is that you can deliberately make the call eventually.

People such as myself, who have been working on clearing that psychic phone line for most of their life, have a pretty robust connection but only when outside influences do not block the line.

Outside influences are how well I’m feeling physically, what’s going on in my emotional life, do I feel stressed, have I meditated? It also depends on the outside noise/distractions as I am trying to tune in.

Here is the thing also, if you are a medium in training, you can believe you are connecting to a loved one in spirit, but you may be using the wrong phone line.

The psychic line will take you to an energy that is alive today, here on Earth. You can also “read” the energy of someone who has died because their energy left an impact on this Earth, like the negative of a photograph.  However, are you actually “connected” to that conscious energy of the spirit on the psychic line?

No.  You can only connect to the conscious energy of the spirit by changing phone lines.  Because spirits are on a different frequency to human (psychic) energy.  This new dial up has a much higher frequency.  Some humans can reach it.  Others are going to struggle big time because they cannot raise their vibration to blend through the line.

This new line is like taking your psychic phone line connection to the gym and trying to flex the muscle that it is, so it’s strong, clear and able to receive free flowing information.

The most important thing to know is that your spirit loved one sits at the other end of that higher frequency phone line, waiting to give you a message.

Now here’s the thing, when the spirit speaks down the line, they do not speak a clear message of communication to the medium in how we do it here. It is not quite as easy as talking down a line.  Think about the telephone line and the fact it is reaching through space, time, this physical construct and multiple layers of universal law that our small brains would never be able to fathom in this reality. The line is distant, very very distant.

The spirit needs to tell us who they are, their relationship to the sitter and then start filling the line space with the essence of them so the medium can convey it all back to the sitter. The spirit uses telepathy to communicate down the line to the medium.

This is a true story; when I was on the mediumship line once the spirit wanted to tell the sitter about the son he had and how that period of his earth life was emotionally unstable.  

There I was on the line, trying to keep the connection and the spirit sent an image of a buoy bobbing up and down in stormy ocean waters.

Why this man spirit couldn’t send me an image of a small boy and a man crying next to him I will never know but on reflection he was giving me the literal word “boy” only spelt different and stormy ocean means troubled emotions.

But all I could think of was “did he work on a life boat? Was he a fisherman?  Did he almost drown?  Did he make buoys in a factory?”

The frustration of finally reaching the right line (as this is a feat in itself sometimes) and yet having to sit in front of my sitter like a contestant on “Catch Phrase” was enormous.

We got there in the end and she understood my message but I have to say I’ve had many moments of wanting to get up and slam my head against the door.  In fact, I’ve just wanted to give up entirely.

In my opinion, psychic is much easier to master because the line is so clear!  But that’s because it is part of this universe.  The mediumship line is like a supersonic satellite version and there is a team of serviceman managing it (your spirit guides) but you have to be the output, the start of the line.  

How do you become a robust, efficient, and clear output? I will discuss that in next weeks blog…..

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