The Law OF Vibrations

I have researched, studied, and even created and filmed a course on the positive law of attraction.  Over the years I have seen with my own eyes the power of manifestation, from not only the material (literally having £1000 appear in my hands about a week after asking) and from a health perspective where my whole family have gone down with a sickness bug and as I felt myself in the grip of it, managed to breath it away with the power of my intention, and focussed positive thought control. 

It sounds easy when written like that, but I also know the truth is it can be very hard to stay in the right “place” on a vibrational level to manifest the life we desire.  In my experience and opinion, the way manifestation works should never be dismissed as nonsense because it is as real to me as the air that I breath, however it should be respected in that it does not come easily to some.

I recently read someone coin it “the law of vibration” instead of the familiar LOA and that makes so much more sense to me.  As a psychic reader, I live my life through the law of vibration.  That is how I pick up on others, read past and future energy, it’s how I connect with people that have passed on, all based on what their vibrational frequency felt like.

I’ve been reading a fabulous book by Entrepreneur Jo Macfarlane called Ask & Act.  The book is incredibly motivating, probably because I can see so many similarities and life parallels with myself and Jo. 

One thing she talks about is the vibrational emotional scale (or the scale of Consciousness) that displays different emotional states we find ourselves in.  Obviously as humans, it’s important to experience every single one to help us learn, grow and develop along our journey.

What we do not want to do is spend our lifetime in the lower vibrational states.  As all this will do is attract more of what we are feeling.  I have had first-hand experience of this.  At the end of 2021 my anxiety began to creep up again and, even though I was exercising a lot and still trying to keep on top of my healthy eating, I was allowing social media to become an obsession.  I was looking at my phone far too much, I was consumed with the misery of Covid news, I was finding that I was getting irritated easily by other people and sometimes losing the empathy that I know I have for others (normally in abundance).

I was feeling stressed easily and my health in the base/sacral chakra was deteriorating with chronic problems that I could not seem to heal from.  I started to have bleak thoughts about death, and “what is the point of all this if we are all going to die anyway?”.  (This coming from someone who has been lucky enough to have direct contact from spirit in the past!).

When others spoke to me about negative subjects, instead of my usual “let’s try and pull them up and away from this” I found myself joining in, on the same level as them with the woes and depressive narrative.

For some reason, I felt like I was being rained on constantly, like I was standing at a bleak bus stop in a dodgy part of London on a Tuesday afternoon and just allowing this negativity to engulf me.

I don’t know when this started but it crept up subtly like a bad smell.  It was when everything came to a head when I finally took stock.

On a very heavy downpour one morning on the school run I had a car accident (my first in 22 years of driving) and not only that, received ten minutes of verbal abuse from the other car driver, it was shocking and something I had never experienced before in my life.

Not only that, but the same week also I received more verbal abuse from a lady along a deserted part of the cycle track, as I walked away with her yelling I was thinking “why is this happening?”.

I then got in trouble because I didn’t do some paperwork that I was supposed too, which is so unlike me…..all of this was so far removed from my normal reality.

On reflection I can now see why it was all happening, the metaphor of standing in the rain and doing nothing to shelter myself was becoming my reality.  I knew it was time to take stock of my feelings and emotions again, mostly to raise my vibration with using self-care techniques.

Below is an example of the Scale of Consciousness that Jo mentions in her book;

Enlightenment            700-1000

Peace                           600

Joy                              540

Love                            500

Reason                        400

Acceptance                 350

Willingness                 310

Neutrality                    250

Courage                      200

Pride                            175

Anger                          150

Desire                          125

Fear                             100

Grief                            75

Apathy                        50

Guilt                            30

Shame                         20

When I look at the scale, I can see a lot of the lower vibrational frequencies that I was resonating on.  Don’t get me wrong, the core of my personality is made up of a definite majority of the higher frequency emotions but for some reason, I was being stuck with some feelings like guilt and apathy. 

On the sclare, desire surprisingly is lower than anger (the desire for material obsessions) although if you think about it, anger is a powerful emotion for change, if directed in the right place.

Going down is always easier than coming up, like gravity shows us.  Once you descend, it is like being on a giant slide and the only way is down, especially when it feels like everyone else is going headfirst down that slide too.

To raise yourself up the slide with your arms backwards, takes determination, strength of will and courage.  But once you begin to get some momentum, you find that you no longer need your arms to pull you, you begin to float upwards on the wind and the lighter your thoughts and feelings are, the higher your frequency vibrates.  It is at this point that other people, things, situations, and opportunities begin to fly your way, coming toward you with ease. 

There is no more feeling stuck in the rut, or the mud, once on a higher vibrational level you are free to swim in the sky and catch anything that floats past you. 

The incredible thing is that most of us know what daily habits pull us down and what good daily practice will raise us up.

This year I am making a concerted effort to stay above number 175 on that scale!  At the same time, I appreciate that life happens around me.  I cannot change people dying, things ending, bad news, difficult circumstances, or just hard knocks.  I think it is ok to be within those lower frequencies when something of a negative nature may have engulfed us.  But what is paramount is that we acknowledge where we are on the scale and begin to self-regulate to raise our vibration and climb back up again.

I feel grateful every day that I know what to do to get myself back up the scale again.  Here is just a selection of what I do;

  • List things daily that I am grateful for
  • Tell myself positive affirmations
  • Do not feel like tasks such as cooking are a chore, I use it as a practice for mindfulness
  • Exercise every day, which includes Yoga, running and walking
  • Eat a healthy and clean diet, avoiding alcohol
  • Challenge myself to something that takes me out of my comfort zone, like a race or a new hobby (this year it’s roller-skating!)
  • Turn conversations around when I am faced with someone with a more negative outlook on life
  • Have a disciplined routine when it comes to sleep and wellbeing practices like Reiki, Reflexology, Massage, and regular facials
  • Set goals, read lots, and acquire more knowledge to keep my brain active
  • Stop watching and reading the news, reduce social media time significantly and connect more with human beings
  • Appreciate daily the gift that is life and how I am so lucky to be here today
  • Meditate daily, with a real and complete focus on “now”.  Using the fear bubble for worry (I will only worry about something if I need to IF it is happening, then adjust my emotions accordingly during that very moment. I will not be in fear three weeks before the event, as that is a waste of my energy).

I feel the most important thing we must do is every day be grateful that we wish to work on ourselves and make the changes.  There are many people on Earth that have no idea how to self-regulate.  I recently read a comment on social media where a member of the public made a sweeping comment about mental health and that it’s not a real thing, it is a “band wagon” since covid began.  I was floored by the ignorance of this man, that he truly had no idea that mental health is the same as physical health and that sometimes we become sick in body and in mind and we must work to keep both healthy.

I felt sorry for the man after my initial outrage at his comment.  He had no idea that he needs to look after his mental health, if he has no idea then how can he keep himself well in himself?  I am a true believer that our mental state effects the vibrational frequency of our physical and we can manifest physical illness quite easily if we do not manage the stress levels.

So, on that note, my goal for 2022 is to keep working on myself, being in the moment and loving every minute that the glory is of life.  I can feel it changing already and it feels amazing!

Until next time,


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