Be still, listen.

Last week I discussed the frequencies we need to attune to reach different “lines” of communication to living people (psychic energy) and spirits who have passed on (you can read that blog here).

The spirit line takes a huge amount of energy to raise our vibration so we can reach spirits who will lower theirs and blend with us somewhere in the middle.

The most effective and successful way to raise your own vibration is to sit in your own quiet space.  To sit and be still.  To wait to feel, sense, see and hear.  

Sounds so easy…..but I find it hard.  In fact, much to my spirit guides frustration, I’ve been putting off meditation for years – YEARS!  I’ve dabbled yes, I’ve even given classes, but I have never quite followed through with a dedicated daily practice.

 Now, finally in 2022 I decided that things are going to change, and I will show up and stop resisting what I know is going to help with my spiritual work. 

So, every day since 1st Jan, I have been sitting in meditation for ten minutes every morning.  In just these short few weeks I am noticing my psychic vibration is getting stronger.  My dreams are becoming even more insightful and vivid.  They are also becoming a lot more predictive in their nature again.

I wake up at 6am every weekday to start my routine.  Once I’ve had a good half mug of coffee, I set my phone to ten minutes of meditation music.

On my first go, I was struggling with breathing correctly.  My mind was distracted, internal noise was super loud, and my breathing rhythm was not relaxed.  I was all over the place.  

Whist all this was going on, my attention was drawn to the sound of rhythmic deep breathing behind me.  I wasn’t afraid, I knew I could hear my guide.  He was sitting behind me, and I could hear him.  So, I followed his breathing to help me regulate mine.  This only lasted for a minute or so however it was enough to calm me and help me focus back to the breath.  As soon as I felt like I mastered the rhythm, I couldn’t hear the breathing sound anymore.

As much as I can see and feel the benefits, progress is still slow (we want everything so fast don’t we?  I feel this is a lesson in itself…..).  At this stage, it is rare for me to clear my mind, in fact all I do is sit and think about the day ahead.  I do have moments of drifting into what feels like a trance like state, but these are certainly fleeting.

I do notice sensation on the left side of the top of my head tingling, this has always been by guides calling card that he is around.

Even though not much is happening whilst I sit, I can feel a shift of energy around me during normal everyday life.  I feel stronger from the inside, less stressed and like I can handle things easily.

I know I am sensing spirit more; I’m even seeing again (it’s been a while since I saw spirit). 

Every now and again, as I am absorbed in a task like cooking or typing, I notice a white mist type of shape appearing in my side vision, like someone is standing there.  When I look up, it rapidly turns back to normal.  I’m convinced someone is trying to show themselves to me and now that I am making my connection stronger, I know it will only be a matter of time before I see them (of course, I will keep you posted on that one!).

Something profound did happen on one of my sessions last week.  Whilst sitting, I decided to ask my nan to give me a direct sign that I was connecting to her on the spirit line.  Within seconds, the music that was playing via my YouTube app paused itself.  I smiled to myself.  That was enough to let me know, they are working with me, and I am on the right path to really begin connecting with them.

I look at it like this, I’ve always had psychic and mediumistic abilities for many years, and so far I have been doing a pretty good job of communicating with spirit however, with a thick plastic panel between us.  With this daily meditation, I am clearing that panel so that all will be left is the light vibrational energy that can help us talk more clearly.

So, my message to you this week is, stop procrastinating, stop resisting, stop getting in your own way.  Sit, be still, don’t worry about your internal chatter (it will shut up eventually) and listen……feel……….and see where that takes you.

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