When Therapy & Reiki Meet

 I’m blessed to have many friends that are therapists.  It means that we can exchange our skills like a gift to one another, each offering our own unique talent to help one another out, when feeling low or going through physical pain.

My good friend and neighbour Suzanne is a talented Reflexologist & Reiki Practitioner, who luckily for me lives just across the road.

I blogged about Suzanne at the beginning of February 2020, after she gave me Reiki and I received a strong vision that many humans would be needing much healing over the months to come, then of course Covid-19 reached our shores.

The visions I get when receiving Reiki are like no other.  I can watch them like someone has placed a small TV inside my mind, who has control over the remote and I just lay back and receive whatever they want to show me.

During my latest session with Suzanne, I wasn’t disappointed.  She has been helping me with some physical health issues lately and the results have been outstanding.

I still find it incredible that she can press a particular part of my foot which hurts under the pressure, for her to tell me where it corresponds to on my body.  Without fail, it always relates to the exact physical ailment that is giving me issues.

At the end of the session, Suzanne gave me some reiki healing.

This time, I felt a very bright light radiate from the right side of my head from a female presence standing just behind me.  Her energy was radiant, pure and very maternal.

I felt this was Suzanne’s grandmother.  I then received a vision of a hotel I used to work at called The Churchgate in Old Harlow.

Just then, the vision changed to Suzanne sipping water from a golden bowl, on the side of a lake.  I was told she would be going to a retreat soon where she could connect back to herself and rest.

Once Suzanne had finished the treatment, I told her about feeling her grandmother and about the hotel.

Her eyes lit up “my gran lived opposite that hotel in Churchgate Street and we were only there last week laying flowers at her grave spot at the church” I explained that was her gran confirming to Suzanne that she saw her and was with her.

Suzanne told me that she saw a vision whilst doing my reiki, she saw a golden bowl.  I smiled and told her that I had also seen the golden bowl and asked her if she was going on a retreat, and she confirmed she had just signed up for one.  (This isn’t the first time I have shared a vision with a friend during Reiki; here is another example).

Suzanne also saw a spirit animal for me (she often see’s animals), a raccoon, she told me to look up the meaning after our session.

When going for a treatment, I never know what’s going to happen, but I do know the energy feels electric and something changes in that little garden treatment room.

It is peaceful, safe and feels like we are in the company of other beings.

Any form of therapy, whilst it is healing you, is offering an opportunity for you to connect to your higher self and spirit guides.  Wisdom can be downloaded including answers to problems that may be the causation of the physical ailment you have.

Whether it’s Reiki, Reflexology, Massage, or any type of touch therapy, allow it to recharge your battery and connect back to source.

Until next time,


If you are interested in Reflexology you can contact Suzanne here.

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