Healing Before Teaching

The Death tarot card has been following me around in recent weeks.  Don’t worry, this doesn’t mean I’m going to pop my clogs any time soon (hopefully).

The death card signifies a complete transition, a rebirth and shedding of one’s skin to release old habits, situations, people, circumstances, feelings, and life patterns that no longer serve the individual.  It does mean change but often in this situation it comes from within, guided by self.  It is a call to listen to one’s inner voice and make changes that are needed on a soul level.

It comes along when you have learnt a lesson and are ready to close a door on an old chapter, because now you finally understand things from a higher perspective.

I’ve been tapping into spiritual energies since I was a young girl so what I do now as a job isn’t too far removed from who I am as an individual.  I picked up my first tarot cards twenty years ago and after deciding in my mid-thirties to leave my corporate career behind me, I started my formal path of spiritual development.

It’s been six years that I have been working, connecting, and exploring in this industry (I use the word industry to not degrade spiritualism but if you work within it, it’s your industry).

My personal journey has taken me from mediumship to tarot reading, law of manifestation, reiki, to ayurveda, to meditation, yoga, wiccan work to circles to name a few of the practices I’ve studied.

When I first started in this business, it wasn’t long before I felt the urge to start teaching what I had learnt to others. When I found my mentor Gaynor, she knew I was keen to teach, however Gaynor reminded me that you know nothing until you have walked, talked and breathed into your own practice and discipline. She was very right.

I had a while to go before I would teach tarot because I needed time to absorb and learn as much as I could myself first, even if I had been turning cards for twenty years.

I believe the reason why the Death card has been following me around now is because I truely understand how one needs to heal before teaching and I just didn’t appreciate that six years ago. Now, when I look around the industry, I can see that it is heavily crowded with individuals that are teaching yet may not be even close to being ready to do this yet.

The market is saturated – it’s huge right now.  The number of online readers and coaches have soared, due to Covid mostly and having access to a wider audience and potential client base.

This is all amazing if you are following your dreams of being able to help people to heal themselves through the many practices that spiritualism brings.  But, what I see far too often is people running before they learn to walk with regards to their own healing journey.

To be able to really teach others to heal themselves comes only after your own personal awakening.  I do cringe inside at that word, but there isn’t another word for it.  You must transform, accept, and awaken into yourself, to take the time to understand your own shadows and actively work on them with conviction, consistency and courage.  If you do not do this, then in my opinion you are spiritual bypassing (using spiritual ideas and practices to sidestep or avoid facing your own unresolved emotional issues).

It can be very tempting to go on a three-day course and then begin selling it the following Monday, yet not completely submerging yourself in the discipline that you are trying to demonstrate.

Mediumship is a prime example of this.  Out of all the practices I have studied, I have never got in the way of “myself” as much as with mediumship.  There are no tools, guides, or que cards with mediumship when you are in the moment.  It is you, and your link to your spiritual team.  If you do not have the utmost faith in the afterlife, in your spirit guide messages and your trust in your own ability, you might as well walk away from it. 

The healing that comes from mediumship is real indeed, in my own personal life it has made me look at everything from what I eat to what my morning routine is to the actual person that I am.  I haven’t even scratched the surface of getting out of my own way and I have been developing for seven years. 

I will be talking about my healing journey a bit more in future posts but for now I feel my message today is for anyone that is new (or old) to spiritualism and is keen to learn and absorb as much as possible and not only that, to teach it or maybe read for others.

Don’t ever let the light and motivation to keep going dwindle, do keep chasing your dreams and living your true purpose.  But do be mindful that you may feel like you have all the answers and then the following week, you may be slapped in the face with the shock that you knew nothing.  That is okay, it’s part of the journey.  But you must be enlightened enough to appreciate you may not be ready to teach just yet.  You may still be at the very bottom of the mountain.  You just have to have that willingness to climb and understand that the journey may not be smooth (but will be worth it).

Authenticity begins with us being honest with ourselves and where we are on our journey. It is about having patience and resilience for the climb ahead. It is about doing something because we love it from our core and not because it will bring us fortune.

What I have found on my own journey is that no one opinion or teaching is actually right, it is always subject to change based on your unique inward experience.

Afterall, that is what true spirituality is.  It is you being guided by you, listening to the voice inside your mind and heart and doing what you feel is right, accepting when you are wrong and not rushing a process, for it can never ever be completed fully, not in this lifetime anyway.

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