More Signs From Spirit

I want to give you two examples in this blog of how spirit loved ones choose just the right moment to let us know they are with us and giving us a little nod of connection to reassure us we are on the right path.

One of my good friends started at a new location for her business a few weeks ago.  After much deliberation and planning, organising, and building the courage to make the leap, she went for it.  A few days before her official opening, she was walking along the path outside of the premises and was telling a friend how she felt this was the “right” move.  At that very moment, a white feather literally dropped in front of her and landed at her feet.  She told me that the feather almost felt heavy as it moved swiftly in front of her face.

The timing of the feather, the way it fell as she spoke the words is a clear sign that yes, she is on the right path.

Another example recently was when I was taking a Zoom session with a lovely new tarot student during the summer.

She was sitting in a bright and sunny room with the windows open.  We had a lovely connection, and my client was full of excited and positive anticipation for her future work with the tarot.

As she said the words “I want to do this as I feel that Tarot can give so much guidance to those that need it and I can really make a difference to someone’s life”….in that very moment, a white butterfly flew in and landed on my client.

We were amazed, as she tried to release the butterfly, it would not leave her side and decided to sit on the wall for the rest of our session!

My client told me that when her Nan died last year, she decided with her mum and sister that butterflies would represent her dear nana energy.  The only difference being that my clients mum and sister connected with red butterflies, and my client with white.

This was such an instant and strong sign from the spirit world that my client is within a beautiful energy flow of creation in this moment in time.

You will find that when you are in this creative phase, making huge leaps of faith toward your future, this is when you see signs the most. 

You will also get them at times of need and encouragement (and these are the best times to ask).

Have faith and trust and know that sometimes even the most obvious signs are the ones we should be listening too.

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